There was some catching up to do at Maia Restaurant on the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills episode, Bridezilla that aired at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday, May 1, 2016 on E! Dorothy partied in New Orleans over the weekend. She had a lot of fun. She also had been dating someone since the summer, Quincy.  He’s a basketball player for the New Orleans Pelicans.

Roxy is helping EJ design his new apartment, but Morgan said that she and Roxy have parted ways.

Next, EJ and his best friend, Drew went to work out together. They both like to dance or are into choreography. EJ said that people sometimes think that they are lovers when they are not.

The District by Hannah An

Brendan talked about his wedding plans with Jonny, but Jonny had something serious on his mind. He needed to get tested for HIV. Someone that he slept with tested positive. Jonny received an anonymous text.

Venue Shopping

First, Brendan and Morgan were after a mountainview wedding, They were on location on Saddlerock Mountain. Morgan could envision white flowers everywhere. No pink at all.  But if it’s windy, she’d have to call God, Himself to complain. Wind would be worth a freak out on her wedding day.

At the Friunfo Creek Vinery, it was all about grassy lawns. There was a music cut-off time of 10:30 p.m., however.  It was a beautiful location, but Brendan couldn’t see himself cutting the wedding off at 10.

The third stop in the search for a wedding venue, Sitting Bull, focused on old world charm. They had their pick as to which trees would make the perfect backdrop for their Big Day, but Brendan liked the more substantial tree, and Morgan liked the thin, straight tree.

To the Talent Manager

EJ visited Management 360 and met with Ana, a talent manager. EJ wanted to separate his look from his family, so he worked with his talent manager. He was interested in acting, a skincare line, and other things. His talent agent suggested that they do more headshots, not so much beauty, more editorial.

Los Angeles LBGT Center

Jonny, went with Morgan to get his test. He was most concerned about having to tell his parents if he did have HIV. He was lucky. He was negative.

EJ’s Palace

Dorothy visited EJ in his home. He had a throne in his place, and his abode was clearly luxurious.  EJ told Dorothy about how he had to get some additional photos for his projects. The next day, he had the photoshoot. He was going for a chiseled look with highlighted cheekbones. He wanted a glamorous yet authoritative look. Think, sexy and powerful police investigator.

Hanging With EJ

EJ and Dorothy went to Philippe Restaurant.  They met Dorothy’s friend Bianca.  Bianca and Dorothy shared a few memories. They’d known each other for a while. There were rumors that Dorothy was dating French Montana, because she went on his tour, but the rumors were absolutely false, she stressed.

They all headed to the club, and a paparazzi asked Dorothy about Quincy. She said that she doesn’t say that they are dating, because there are problems in their relationship. She told the paparazzi that they were just friends.

Some guy came up to Dorothy and told her that Quincy was seeing someone else and flying her out to New Orleans. Dorothy said that she was going to wait until she had all of the facts about the situation.

At Bloom Box Designs, Morgan and Brendan went to look at flowers for their wedding. Morgan didn’t want a hint of a color in her flowers. Brendan wanted a structure to frame the couple on the site. Brendan imagined, something straight and grand. Morgan and the florist hated the idea. The florists brought up a Dior event with delphiniums, and Morgan gasped with delight. She loved the idea of the delphiniums growing on the trees. Then Morgan went into a spiel about how much she loves the film Ferngully.

H Fornaio Cucino Italiano

Dorothy dined with Jonny. She said that maybe Quincy was not a good match for her. She seemed bored. Dorothy said that the relationship was not going how she wanted it to.

But then Jonny told Dorothy his shocking news about how the guy that he had met in Mykonos tested positive for HIV. She seriously informed Jonny that he had dodged a huge bullet. Jonny said that he was taking his life more seriously.

At the caterer’s shop Morgan and Brendan couldn’t agree. They had an argument in the parking lot. Morgan told Brendan that she wanted him to be there, and she wanted his opinion, but the food was going to go the way she wanted it to. They continued to argue in the middle of the parking lot and didn’t continue with their planning that day. Morgan wondered if they were actually compatible with each other.