Spring has arrived and now is the time to plan a road trip to see the incredible flowers expected to bloom in late April and early May to find those Spring flowers in the U.S.  The good news is that many of the CVBs, parks and private companies will give you the heads up on whether or not the flowers are in bloom and where to go for the best views.

Antelope Valley by Konrad Summers

Antelope Valley by Konrad Summers


Asheville flower drives, photo by the Asheville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

The Blue Ridge Parkway is just beginning to show dots of color for the Spring season, and the Asheville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau is keeping road trippers and hikers alike abreast on the latest developments for this year’s flower season. See the wildflowers on French Broad Overview outside of Asheville on U.S. 25-70, but of course, there are several other drives in and around this area to take in the pretty flowers. Explore Asheville lists the Top Ten Scenic Drives. Don’t forget to plan your routes via Google Maps. Hikers can use the links on the Explore Ashville site to locate popular hiking trails and the coordinating links to Google Maps.

Antelope Valley by Rennett Stowe

The Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve touts bright orange-colored poppies over acres upon acres of land. The State Reserve reports that at the time of publishing, the poppies will probably bloom later in the Spring. There’s no reason to waste a trip (and gas) to find the poppies in the California Poppy Reserve, because the State Reserve uses Facebook to keep  travelers up to date on when the flowers are peaking. Hey, the Mojave Desert in General is literally full of poppies in the Spring. Your best bet of keeping up with the best time to visit is to visit the Desert USA site and subscribe to the newsletter. Amateur and professional photographers are invited to send photos to the Desert USA. The site might publish your photos on its updates page.

Texas Blue Bonnets by Jdeeringdavis

The Wildflower Reports will keep you updated on Spring Texas Bluebonnet sightings. Just so you don’t make a trip and be disappointed, the site has a rating system which announces if the bluebonnets or lush or thin. George Washington Parkway is famous for its wildflowers and gardens  American Byways has the best routes for wildflower drives.