Are you planning a flight to a five star travel destination soon? You’ll do yourself a great service if you read the below infographic by Greatist. Most people who read luxury travel websites know that they should bring their own snacks on the plane, carry a comfortable pillow, and carry hand sanitizer, but are those luxury travel blogs advising you to clean the armrest of your seat with your sanitizer? Are you brushing your teeth with the water in the plane’s restroom? Are you wearing a face mask to protect yourself from the air on the plane? This eye-opening infographic is full of statistics and suggestions that will help you stay healthy when you travel.

The infographic has solid tips that will help you prepare your body before, during and after the trip. By the way, one of the statics informs fliers that 20% of them are likely to catch colds, so take your Vitamin C, and try to follow the other precautions listed here for healthier travels. Oh, and if you happen to find yourself confronted with snakes in the plane, there’s advice for that, too! Hopefully, these travel tips will help you better plan to stay healthy to five star travel destinations around the world.



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Photo by Angelo Desantis