Beverage maker Singha Corp. has promised to spend $14 million a year to benefit the economy in Chiang Rai, Thailand through a combination of agriculture and projects to encourage tourism. Funds will be funneled to Singha Park, which is known as Boon Rawd Farm. The 3000-acre park is a tourist attraction with about 1,200 workers. It draws more than a million tourists every year.





Tourists visit Boon Rawd Farm to experience the peaceful environment, it’s meandering bike paths, to tour the area, gaze at the animals who make their home there, or take advantage of a thrilling zipline ride in a natural environment. The park also features animals like zebras, giraffes, cows and a bull.



Hungry guests can experience eating in the Bhubhirom restaurant, located high up in the park, perfect for a bird’s eye view of the surroundings.

Singha Corp also spearheaded work to plant fruit trees, including raspberry, blueberry, and passionfruit on the farm. Funds from the endeavor will benefit the farmers and communities in Chiang Rai.



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