Visit the Harbin Ice Festival to see spectacular ice sculptures. Located in Harbin, China, the festival typically begins every year in January and it continues until the end the month. According to the Travel China Guide, the ice festival is usually divided into five sections. The exhibits in Ice and Snow World and Zhaolin Park  in Heilongjiang, China are among some of the most impressive ice lantern sculpture shows in  Harbin.

The sculptures in Zhaolin Park are usually available until the end of February. These ice exhibits combine color, light, and motion. Other Ice Festival locations in Harbin include:

  •  Ice Lantern Garden Party
  • Yabuli International Ski Resort
  • Sun Island Scenic Area

Brilliant Lit Ice Sculptures at the Harbin Ice Festival

Look at this beautiful city view.


A City Views of Lights in Ice

Another City View by Rincewind

Another City View of ice sculptures by Rincewind

This is another view of the ice city in lights.


Wouldn’t you want to climb such a huge blue and green building made of ice blocks? The ice blocks in the Harbin Ice Festival are lit using traditional systems for some of the exhibits and modern techniques for other ice and snow sculptures.


This building is so bright that it doesn’t look like it’s real. Some of the architecture in the Harbin Ice Festival are replicas of famous buildings.


 Looks Like Gold

Wouldn’t you want to live in a golden city like this? These gold sculptures look as though they are a part of a magical fantasy world.


Pretty Pastel

Here’s a sweet-looking pathway in a winter wonderland made of ice and snow. The pastels are a welcome change from bright neon colors.



This garden is probably the most colorful one that I’ve seen. It looks like spring in the winter.


If you like golden colors, here is another building that might is your cup of tea.


 Daytime Icy Beauty 

This is the before picture of the castle. It’s sparkling white during the daytime. This photo was taken at the Ice and Snow World.


The castle looks totally different when it’s lit up at night.


Here’s  a good one, if emerald is your thing.



Ice Festival town in Longging Gorge by Bridget Coila

Ice Festival town in Longging Gorge by Bridget Coila, CC



This building looks as royal as its color. Did you know that purple is associated with royalty?


This is a view of the Ice Festival in the daytime, photo by Tracy Hunter

This is a view of the Ice Festival in the daytime, photo by Tracy Hunter, CC


The detail in this ballerina is awe inspiring. Only skillful artists can create something like this.


Video of the Harbin Ice Festival

See the ice sculptures from home in this YouTube video. After watching it, you’ll want to brave the wintry weather.