The Amazing Race began Season 22 on the French Polynesian island of Bora Bora. Although beautiful to visit, the heat on the island was challenging for the 11 teams. In the first challenge on the island, one team member had to leap out of a helicopter and land on the beach. The groups then made it to Motu Piti A’au where one team partner from each group had to  find a clue hidden a few of the 400 hundred of sand castles built on the Eden Beach of Motu Piti A’au. The hot weather and the fact that the contestants had to rebuild each castle that they destroyed added to the difficulty of the challenge.

This season the first team that made it to Phil earned two Express Passes. The team could give the second pass to any other team. Viewers watched as the teams navigated a tricky va’a (canoe) across the sea to the Pit Stop at Bora Bora’s Motu Cafe.  Firefighters Matt and Daniel were the last to arrive and were eliminated from the race.


Bora Bora by Bora Bora, photo by Jim Gateley


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