The Bran Castle Photo by Horia Varlan


About the Bran Castle in Romania

The enchanting Bran Castle is one of the top tourist attractions in Romania. Vlad Tepes, the inspiration behind Dracula some people claim, lived in the house. Tepes has been linked to other castles as well, and some disputers say that Bran Castle was not the residence depicted in the novel at all.  It is known that Tepes was a prince who did rule during the 14th Century. He ruled harshly, by today’s standards. Those who were found to be liars, thieves, or those who were lazy were impaled to death, according to Bran Castle.

Today, tourists are led through the castle-turned-museum via guided tours, or they can browse through the castle without a guide. Four floors are open to tourists.  Queen Maria’s bedroom, the gothic room, large saloon, and King Ferdinand’s bedroom are some of the sights inside Bran Castle. After touring Bran Castle, visitors may want to see the traditional Romanian homes and barns that are representative of different regions.  Admittance into the castle is 25 lei for adults.

Photo by Horia Varlan