You might have seen the cast from ‘The Bachelor’ as they watched the sun rise and set on the island of St. Croix. St. Croix, located in the United States Virgin Islands is also known as the big island. It is within a chain of other islands, including St. John and St. Thomas. The entire island of St. Croix is only about 22 miles long and 8 miles wide. The Bachelor group rode a sea plane into St. Croix. Sean Lowe and his dates stayed at the luxurious Buccaneer Hotel while on the island. The cast remarked on the view of the ocean and the newness of the suites where they stayed.  In the beginning of the show, they considered the activities that they could participate in with Sean. Boating, snorkeling, and hiking are some of the more popular activities. Sean and his first-one-on-one date on St. Croix,  Ashley,  dined at Whistle Beach during a romantic candle-light setting for two. Sean revealed that he could fall in love with her in his confessional.

Earlier that day, the couple took a  catamaran  to a private island near St. Croix, where they talked, actually Ashley told Sean why the other girls did not like Tierra. As Sean Lowe and Ashley held each other on the smooth beach, viewers were treated to romantic views of the water and the sunset. Tierra, however, toured the streets of St. Croix during her one-on-one date with Sean Lowe. The two went shopping on the streets of St. Croix, and Sean bought her an infinity bracelet. These special bracelets are sold by IB Designs.  They also saw a colorful parade in the streets of St. Croix.

Viewers had an opportunity to see the street vendors, including some of the snacks sold on the island. During the group date, the ladies and Sean were the first people in America to see the sunrise over Point Udall, and at the end of the date, the watch the sun set over Sandy Pointe. During the date, they hopped into a jeep, and drove to the historic Sugar Mill where they had a view of the ocean.  Their road trip too them to a cafe, where they toasted to the fun road trip. Next, they drove through the rain forest and played in a tree house there. In a playful scene with Sean, Desiree swung in a cute swing in the rain forest. Overall, for all of those travelers out there, the episode highlighted the island as a luxurious destination for fun and romance.

The Buccaneer has a “The Bachelor” special, featuring a five-night stay in a beachside Dubloon, bathrobes for two, infinity bracelets, a jeep for a day, a private tour of the island, lunch on the secluded and intimate Whistle Beach, a his and her massage, a private dinner on the Mermaid Dock, and more. You can read the full list of inclusions on the Buccaneer’s site. Rates are $721 per person  per night through April 15, 2013 and $590 per person night after that date through December.

Sean Lowe and Tierra
Photo courtesy of ABC


Sean Lowe and Tierra
Photo courtesy of ABC St. Croix Underwater
Photo by the NOAA Photo Library


Buccaneer Hotel
Photo by Philip Ritz


St. Croix Sugar Mill
Photo by NitroxAnyOne Buck Island, St. Croix
Photo by SBPR