About 90 million Chinese travelers will be in the position to take long-haul international trips by 2023, according to The Future of  Chinese Travel, a study by IHG.  The study reported that increased disposable income is the primary reason behind the predicted wave of Chinese travelers over the next ten years.

Families will earn about $35,000, the report indicted. This income makes international travel more of a possibility for Chinese travelers.

Generally, mainland Chinese residents have a burning desire to travel outside of their own country and continent. They have a keen interest in learning about different cultures and having experiences in Western countries. Many Chinese people are learning the English language so they would be able to travel that much easier.

IHG’s report predicts that Chinese travelers are planning to visit the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. Those travelers will become the largest group of long-haul travelers. Most of these travelers will head to large, major cities in the countries they visit.

Travel-related spending is expected to rise by 75% over the next 10 years, the study said. A portion of the Chinese travelers are likely to opt for luxurious accommodations, and they’ll spend their money in higher-end stores.