A new Ferris wheel is in the process of being installed at the Navy Pier in Chicago As a result of the installation, the Navy Pier will be closed to the public on January 19th and January 20th. The Ferris wheel is arriving from Europe.

Once it arrives, the legs for the Ferris wheel will be lifted and secured into place with cranes. Next, the 36,000 pound center wheel is scheduled to be fixed to the structure.

It is planned that the Ferris wheel will be the centerpiece of the 2016 Centennial Celebration. The new Ferris wheel replaces the Navy pier’s previous Ferris wheel which was smaller by 180 seats. The new larger wheel will also operate year-round.

The Navy Pier is located at 600 E Grand Ave, Chicago, Ill. 60611


Photo of the Navy Pier Ferris wheel by amber.kennedy