Airport workers in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Newark, Washington DC, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Seattle, and Miami. The airport workers, backed by the Service Employees International Union, were fighting to have their salaries raised to $15 an hour.

The airport workers included janitors, baggage handlers, and airport cabin cleaners, among other workers. Some allies to the cause also participated.

A press release about the demonstrations mentioned one worker who earns $8.50 working 36 hours a week at night cleaning airplane cabins. The worker, Valentine Hough, is a mother of five children, who works at Washington National Airport.

“I work hard, yet I can barely afford transportation to my job or care for my kids and grandchildren,” she said in a printed statement.

The demonstrations were planned for the Martin Luther Kings holiday to remember the national hero and to “reclaim the dignity that should come from a hard day’s work” the release stated.