Luann de Lesseps had big news on the Real Housewives of New York episode, Invitation Interrupted,  that aired at 9 p.m. on June 15  2016 on Bravo. Luann  announced to Sonja Morgan that she was moving out, because she had met her soulmate, Tom. Sonja indicated that she had just been intimate Tom D’Agostino about a month before, and she had been with him for a while, but Luann seemed to think that they’d just had a quick fling.

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Unfortunately Jules Wainstein had been through some stress because of her father’s illness. She was having trouble keeping things running smoothly in her household, because basically, she’s a young mom who has all of the family responsibilities on her shoulders.

Bethenny Frankel had the idea of inviting the women to a Tequila tasting trip in Mexico. She wanted it to be a high-end trip for the ladies. Then the elephant of the room came up. Would Sonja be invited? Bethenny

Bethenny’s friend Carole Radziwill said that she’s not going if Sonja going, and that sentiment threw cold water on the idea. Because the women took a casual poll among them and it appeared that no one wanted Sonja to go.

Speaking of relationships Bethenny said that she had invited Carole to the Bahamas with her guy. Carole met Bethenny’s boyfriend, a mystery man who hadn’t appeared on this season of the show. Carole gave said that she liked Bethenny’s boyfriend. Carole revealed that she created her own temporary world. She talked about how she had trouble with sudden goodbyes. To illustrate this, she talked about how she panicked when she learned that a cat that she had been taking care of had been adopted by another family. She’d grown attached to the cat.  Carole was beginning to learn that she could not continue to think of people or things in her life as temporary. That also applied to how she felt about her boyfriend.

At Ramona Singer’s apartment Ramona looked at samples of hair from the hair company that she’s interested in. Luann decided to help Ramona out try out the hair extensions. To get the discussion rolling, Ramona asked Luann if she talked to Bethenny and Carole. So, Luann said that she thought that maybe Bethenny wasn’t so angry  with her, because she couldn’t even remember what she’d said to insult Luann. And Luann also thought that she won over Carole, because she thought that Carole seemed to be smiling and being friendly when she apologized to her during Ramona’s party.

I don’t know where Luann is. Obviously she can’t read a room, and I’m not about to tell her that I just let Carol and Bethenny and they do not want her on this trip

Ramona Singer

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Luann talked about how she had a fortune teller at her house, and the fortune teller told her that she was going to meet her soulmate in two weeks, and they are not going to want to leave each other’s side. So, naturally, Luann thought that Tom was the soulmate that the fortune teller mentioned.

But Ramona had to burst Luanne’s bubble. “You know that he calls his ex every day and tells her that he loves her,” she said. “And he gave her a gold bracelet for Christmas.”

Ramona said that she was only looking out for Luann and she wanted her to be careful.

At STK, Jules, Michael, and Dorinda and her Tom had dinner. Jules was upset, because she felt that her husband was not helping her enough. She wondered who was going to help out at her house when she was away in Mexico for five days.

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It was announced on June 15, 2016 that Jules’ husband, Michael filed for divorce, according to E Online. They had been married for eight years. They have two children.

Dorinda Medley tried to help out with some advice.  She mentioned something about Michael going away to Mars and said some things that were difficult, or maybe impossible to decipher.

Do not drink and give marital advice. Period.

Julianne Wainstein

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Luann and Bethenny  dined at Bar Bordeaux. Bethenny was a little late. She explained that she has been bleeding profusely. She laid down and rested while Luann was waiting for her at the restaurant. Then Bethenny asked Luann what was going on in her life. Luann excitedly told her about Tom. “Did you say, ‘I love you the first night, how does this work?”

Fast moving relationships are nothing new to Luann. She explained that her first husband asked her to marry him five days after they met. They got married two weeks later. “You know when you know,” she said, knowingly.

Luann is in the Chia pet of relationships. You add water, and all of a sudden, there’s like an afro.

Bethenny Frankel

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Luann was annoyed at Ramona not supporting her relationship, and told her that Tom called his ex frequently, told her that he loves her, and bought her jewelry for Christmas. Luann justified this actions by saying that he was just friends with his ex.

You know, people actually remain friends in life. I know it’s hard for you to believe because you don’t have that experience, unfortunately, I wish you did.

Luann De Lesseps


Bethenny said that she went to the wine bar with the intentions of inviting Luann to Mexico, but she had changed her mind. The fact that Tom had dated Ramona came up. Luann didn’t care that Tom bought a bracelet for his ex. Bethenny felt that her advice didn’t matter, because Luann wasn’t listening to her.

Bethenny told Luann that she talks a lot but she doesn’t listen a lot. Bethenny was trying to avoid inviting her, but Luann, basically invited herself.

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