In Rina Bay, Greece, on the Below Deck Mediterranean episode that aired on June 14, 2016 on BRAVO,  Hannah Ferrier tried to explain that she didn’t know that the salmon on toast that Ben Robinson prepared was the mail meal for the guests. There was some confusion about using the word entrée to describe the food. Entrée means the main meal to Americans, but it’s the appetizer for Europeans.

Hannah and Ben argued, because Hannah said that he didn’t have his menu until the last minute. Ben was able to get some food on the grill, and the guests enjoyed the food.

Ben went to the captain with the issue. He told Captain Mark Howard that they had set the table for two, under Ben’s direction, and Hannah told the guests that there were three courses, so the guests were expecting three courses when there were only two courses.

Captain Mark said that he never had a crew member get dressed up in his dress uniform, just to inform him of the misdeeds another crew member. The captain felt that he shouldn’t be involved, and his two crew members should behave as professionals and work things out.

 Julia d’Albert Pusey and Jen Riservato chatted, and Julia mentioned how the guests tried to get Bobby to kiss her on the cheek. She also said something very interesting. Bobby wasn’t her type. Even if she were single, she wouldn’t date him. “He’s too goofy,” she said.

Ben remarked about how his mornings with Tiffany contrasted so much from his evenings with Hurricane Hannah.

The guests departed from the ship, but before they went on their way, they gave the crew a tip. It was a total of $13,500 which amounted to $1,125 apiece.

The captain gave the crew a day off at the beach. Bobby Giancola was hoping that he’d be able to have some intimate moments with Julia. He still didn’t seem to understand that she was not interested in him beyond flirting.

Bryan Kattenburg did a lot of drunk talking about Paul Revere, Winston Churchill, etc. etc. It was not what anyone wanted to hear on their day off at the beach.


Bryan is like a Bugatti. He goes from zero to drunk in about two seconds. He’s just a maniac.

Ben Robinson

Chef, Ionian Princess, Below Deck Mediterranean

Bobby tried to make his move on Julia on the beach, but she got up, walked away, and called her boyfriend on the phone. Meanwhile,

Ben told Hannah that he was to blame as much as she was the night before. He also asked that she does not use the word, entrée. Use starter, main and dessert instead. They hugged it out.

He’s like the adorable puppy. He chews on your Christian Louboutins, but somehow you still love him.


Chief Stewardess, Ionian Princess, Below Deck Mediterranean

Julia pulled Bobby aside and told him that she was in a serious relationship with her boyfriend and his flirting didn’t look too good. Bobby agreed to back down, and said in his interview that her boyfriend was very lucky.

On the deck, Bryan was having a talk with Danny. He wanted to make sure that Danny didn’t get involved in any disputes or take Ben’s side. “You’re just going to piss Hannah off,” he said.

To me Bryan is an awful boss. He’s immature, borderline alcoholic, masochistic, condescending. I just think that he’s kind of a sh_ _ _ _ person.

Jen Riservato

Deckhand, Ionian Princess, Below Deck Mediterranean

Bryan went in on Danny. He told him that he didn’t know about the Chief Stew and Chef relationship and maybe big yachting wasn’t for him.

The next set of guests included five bachelors, Jerry and his friends, who were looking for single women in an exotic setting. They were headed to Mikkonos, which apparently is a known hangout for gay destination.

Bryan overheard Danny and Jen talking. He asked what they were talking about, and of course, Danny admitted that they were talking about him. Danny was annoyed that Bryan wanted him to be a “yes” man. Bryan truthfully requested that Danny agree to everything he told him to do, but Danny refused to stop supporting Ben (who’d been kind to him and stood up for him).

The guests arrived, all five of them. Since there was only four bedrooms on the Ionian Princess, two of the guys had to share a room.

Bobby admitted that he had been avoiding Julia. Meanwhile, the guests requested that Bobby, Bryan, and Danny could join them on the beach. The captain asked that Bobby and Danny go so that Bryan could stay on the boat and run things. There was no drinking for the guys, but they didn’t seem to mind.

Danny was the life of the party in Mykonos. He was a big baller, but he wasn’t paying for anything. The charter guests were.

Photo of Mykonos Greece by Anka

Photos of Below Deck  Mediterranean cast by Tommy Garcia/Bravo