Hilton Worldwide is now the first hospitality company to earn a Superior Energy Performance® certification from the United States Department of Energy. Three properties earned the certification including: Washington Hilton, Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort and Hilton Union Square San Francisco. They all were recognized and received the certification. The properties achieved verified energy reduction from 2011, with the energy reduction ranging from 6.3 percent to 15.85 percent at each accommodation.

Hilton earns energy efficiency award, Photo courtesy of Hilton

Hilton earned an energy efficiency certification for 3 properties; Photo courtesy of Hilton

SEP certification can be earned after the facilities tested by a third party organization have met requirements for reduced energy consumption called the ISO S0001 standard. To earn the certification properties must improve energy performance by 30 percent over a span of three years.

SEP certified facilities might spend less money in energy use in addition to helping the environment by consuming less energy. The certification was created to reduce energy use in commercial facilities in the United States through a measurable system.