On Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Season 6, Episode 8, Tommie’s mother showed up at the wine tasting event. Her mother had been in Las Vegas and was happy to see Tommie. Tommie was happy to see her, too.

Meanwhile, Joseline tried to put together some baby furniture, solo. “I should be laying around, getting massages on my back and massages on my feet,” she said.

Joseline Wants Full Custody and Child Support
Joseline says that she regrets that even told Stevie that she was pregnant with his baby. She wants to move back to Miami. Her baby’s grandparents will be there and her cousins. Joseline doesn’t want to give Stevie custody, yet she does want him to pay child support.
Scrappy and Rasheeda

Scrappy has dyed his hair blond and he met up with Rasheeda to catch up. He says that the wedding has been canceled. They just couldn’t make it work and Scrappy felt that if Rasheeda and Kirk couldn’t make it, he and Bambi didn’t have a chance. Scrappy told Rasheeda about the conversation about the baby when he got together with the guys.

Joc had a picture of the baby and told Scrappy he had sex with the girl, too. Kirk kept saying that he didn’t have anything to do with the baby.

Rasheeda shared that she wasn’t sure if she was going to proceed with the divorce. She said she didn’t want to break up the family, but she wasn’t sure if Kirk could make it feel any better. They hadn’t been communicating, only texting. Rasheeda told The Real that Kirk and her are separated.

Karlie and Sina

At Boneheads, Karlie met up with Sina. She thought things was going well with her and Joc. She had her issues with Miss Piggy Kadea and Sina, but now she and Sina were friendly. Karlie mentioned that Rod brought up Sina’s name, said that they had been seeing each other. Sina said it was a lie, and she told her how she lied to Joc, because she was upset that Joc might have slept with Jasmine.

Sina told Karlie that Tommie and Joc had been dating. ¬†Karlie was annoyed that Joc wasn’t being completely honest with her, and that Tommie only wanted revenge.

Melissa and Mimi

Mimi went to visit Melissa. She was upset that Melissa tried to recruit people to be in Joseline’s photo shoot, but Melissa explained that Joseline was in a completely different state of mind and was doing a women empowerment video. Mimi was mad that Melissa was always defending Joseline and Joseline had befriended her because she had no friends. Melissa had been friends for her for five years.

“Mimi, you can’t judge me based on other people’s actions,” Melissa said. “I’m so sorry you’ve had those experiences, and I’m so sorry that you’ve met those kinds of people.”

Mimi said that she had heard that she should stay away from Melissa from Ariane. Then Melissa busted out by saying that Ariane was jealous, because Melissa liked Mimi (and Ariane and Melissa used to hook up in the past).

Scrappy and Kirk

At the Smoke Ring in Castleberry Hill, Scrappy met up with Kirk, who said that he felt that he messed with other woman because he thought that the relationship with Rasheeda was over. He felt that Rasheeda worked too much and was not giving him enough love and attention. He felt that he knew that he was not the father of the baby, so he didn’t have to take a DNA test.

At Boogalou, Melissa and Ariane had a talk. Ariane wanted to know why Melissa told Mimi that they had a fling back in the day 20 years ago. Ariane said that she felt that Melissa was pushing up on Mimi, but she didn’t know before, but Ariane said that she wasn’t sure. Melissa was mad that Ariane warned Mimi about her. Ariane walked out when Melissa asked her if they were friends or associates or what. So, apparently they are not friendly towards each other anymore.

Stevie J Has a New Baby

Mimi went to Stevie J’s house where she found out that he is really the daddy. Mimi insited that Stevie not allow Eva around Joseline. If Stevie can’t keep Joseline away from Joseline, she was going to put a restraining order on Joseline. Joseline put Mimi through a lot, and Mimi didn’t want Joseline anywhere near her daughter.

At the Ivory, Yung Joc did a stand-up comedy routine. Scrappy came. Tommie was there and brought lovely Mimi along. Tommie wanted to support Joc since they were “friends”. Then Karlie showed up with Sina. Tommie went in, calling Karlie a THOT. Shortly afterwards, there was a drink thrown and threats.