Are you having trouble finding a man? Maybe the grass just might be greener on the other side, according to a new show, To Rome For Love. The show follows five American women who are looking for love in Rome, Italy. Under the guidance of expert Diann Valentine, the women date potential male suitors in beautiful Rome. To Rome For Love airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on BRAVO. The show premiered on January 7, 2018.

Meet the Cast of To Rome For Love

Cast members: Gina NeelyShay Atkins, Nakita McGraw, Ashley Russell, and Mercedes Young take the plunge to visit Rome in search of Mr. Right. All of the women have different takes on their ideal man; they all have different issues and personal drama that they are trying to overcome to ready themselves for their possible relationships.

To Rome For Love, Gina Neely

The name Gina Neely might be familiar to you. Neely is a chef known on the airwaves for her own TV show, Down Home with the Neely’s. Gina tries to keep her fame on the down-low on To Rome For Love. She seeks a regular guy who will get to know her for herself, and not her TV persona. Gina had been married for 25 years and being a TV personality, her marital problems and divorce were not exactly a secret. Like other dating reality TV shows, Gina has to face the challenges which arise from that dates and she has to face the challenges that will come up from living with a house full of women (as a reality TV star).

To Rome For Love, Shay Atkins

Shay Atkins is the 38-year-old  woman who, according to a BRAVO To Rome For Love press release, has the tendency to settle. On the show, she seems to rush into relationships and falls  for Mr. Right Now instead of finding the truly good guy for her.



To Rome For Love, Nakita McGraw

Nakita McGraw of To Rome For Love  (Photo by: Ernesto Ruscio/Bravo)

Nakita McGraw, 37, is a mother who truly seems to have a lower level of self-esteem. She sits alone at the mixer. Sometimes she has trouble embracing her full figure and loving herself.

To Rome For Love, Ashley Russell

Ashley Russell was married to a pro-football player before joining the show.  From the outside, she had THE life the many women wish they had, a handsome husband, two sweet daughters, a more than comfortable lifestyle. That’s the outside appearance. She dealt with infidelity and a broken heart in real life. After her divorce, and after getting some work done on her body to lift her spirits, she was ready to get back into the game.

To Rome for Love, Mercedes Young

Finally, there is Mercedes Young, 25, the youngest woman on the show, but she’s certainly not naive! She believes that most men are cheaters, and she has a long list of must-have characteristics for any man who tries to step to her. In the first few shows, she made it clear that she loves herblack men, so let’s see who she dates in Rome.

To Rome For Love Cast Photo by Philippe Antonello and Bravo