No. This isn’t Las Vegas. Surprisingly enough, it’s an opera. Even if you are not an opera fan, you will probably like this show, especially if you dig bright lights, dancing, and lots of fireworks.

'Carmen' in Sydney Australia

The Opera, Carmen in Australia

See Carmen, as you probably have never seen it before, on a waterfront with a fireworks display. The stage is designed to resemble a bull-ring, complete with a neon-light bull created with red lighting.  The gigantic floating stage for this opera performance holds the cast of 154 performers as they sing and dance. Directed by Gale Edwards and starring  Rinat Shaham and Milijana Nikolic, both mezzo sopranos, this show is apparently the talk of Sydney right now. Both Nikolic and Shaham play Carmen. Dmtryo Popov and Adam Diegel play the Don Jose character in the opera. People in the area, reportedly can’t miss the show whether they purchased tickets or not. Tickets for the performance start at $79.