What did she try? Tamar Braxton  attempted to cross a bridge that’s suspended in the air. If you saw the episode of The Braxton Family Values that aired on March 22, you probably had a chuckle or two, or maybe felt empathy for Tamar as she tried to walked along the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Canada. The guide told Tamar and her sisters on the reality TV show that the bridge could hold 90+ elephants and a couple of airplanes, but for someone who is afraid of heights, a shaky bridge is a no-go.

The Braxton sisters visited the park where the 450-foot bridge is located for a little sister time. The bridge is owned by Nancy Stibbard. It was built in 1888 by George Grant Mackay and August Jack Khahtsahlano out of hemp, stated the CSB website. After Mackay died, the bridge was rebuilt out of wires and cables. The bridge was improved throughout the years and became more and more popular it is now one of the most loved tourist attractions in Vancouver.

The bridge winds its way high above the West Rainforest. In the Braxton Family Values television show, viewers saw the Suspension Bridge, and the Cliff Walk. Tamar was able to walk across the Cliff Walk, but she only made it halfway across the Suspension Bridge. Her sisters were able to walk across both bridges.

Viewers didn’t get a chance to see some of the other attractions in Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. The park also has an attraction called Treetops Adventure, another bridge with suspended platforms. Totem Park, Cap Kids, the Living Forest (a walking tour of the rainforest) and Kia’plano, an educational area where visitors can learn about the Kia’plano people.



Suspension Bridge by JamesZ_Flickr Suspension Bridge
Photo by Gotovan Cliff Walk
Photo by Gotovan