International SOS released its Travel Risks Map, an updated version of the Health Risk Map, which the medical and travel security company had been publishing since 2010. The Travel Risks Map includes security risks that had not been included in the Health Risk Map.

Travelers can use the map to view the security and health risks of each country that they plan to visit. According to International SOS, the map was created to assist organizations in travel planning. International SOS found that although 80 percent of people have concerns about traveling, less than half of them research the place that they are traveling to. The research from this study came from 10,726 people who participated in online panels.

The map is color-coded to indicate places that are a low security/medical risk, medium risk, a high risk, and rapidly developing areas that pose a variable security/medical risk. The United States and Canada are recognized as a low security risk on the map.

International SOS is operated by 11,000 employees who guide organizations in traveling safely to more than 92 countries. The company is offering a webinar on December 14, 2015 on how to keep VIPs and organization members safe in Brazil during the 2016 Rio Summer Games during the Olympics.

InterSOS TravelRiskMap Used with Permission