The cast from the Real Housewives of Atlanta met up at two Atlanta establishments to get some information out into the open during Season 7, Episode 15 that aired on March 1, 2015.


d'Vine Bar

d’Vine  Wine Bar &  Bar

First, Real Housewives of Atlanta cast members, Claudia Jordan, Kenya Moore, and Cynthia Bailey gathered together at the d’Vine Wine Bar & Shop to chat and taste wine. The wine bar, located in the Dunwoody area of metro Atlanta, has more than 500 wines in-house. Visitors can purchase wine by the glass, there are over 60 types available, or they can buy it by the bottle or the half bottle.


d'Vine's Wall of Wine

d’Vine’s Wall of Wine


You might have noticed that the girls had an African wine paired with Manchego cheese; they had another cheese called Mangodale, which they really seemed to like.

The Mangodale was a combination of fruit and cheese. “Oh, my God, that’s so good,” Claudia said between bites.

The d’Vine wine bar’s cheese menu includes cheese plates sold for $11 for two cheeses; $16 for four cheeses, and $21 for six cheeses. Accompaniments include Italian meats, warm baked bread, and crackers. There’s a dessert menu, too. How about some warm chocolate truffle cake?

In this episode, the girls talked about the phone text messages between Phaedra and a guy called Chocolate. Kenya got really upset over the entire situation. She felt that Phaedra had been calling her a loose, while Phaedra, a still-married woman, might have had a guy on the side.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Real Housewives of Atlanta, Photo by Alex Martinex


Later in the episode, the entire group met up at Fogo de Chao, a popular all-you-can-eat Brazilian steak restaurant in Atlanta. Waiters bring out meat until guests signal them to stop. The Housewives chowed down on the meat and had a great time until Cynthia brought up the text messages. It came down to Phaedra threatening to bop Kenya with her purse. So, the cast ended up outside in the parking lot. Hopefully they finished their meals. Nevertheless, learn more about the Fogo de Chao dining experience, here.