travel inspiration

Helen Keller has one of the most motivating life stories, so if you have the chance, you should definitely read the book, The Story of My Life, Helen Keller’s autobiography. You could also watch the movie about her life, The Miracle Worker.

Helen was unable to see, hear, or speak when she was a young child. Sign language was in its infancy, and no one in her family quite knew how to help her. A teacher, a Miracle Worker reached out to her and helped her communicate with others, reach out to society, and connect with her family and the world.

If she were alive today, Helen Keller would probably admit  that her life was not easy, but her struggles and challenges provided her with some great rewards. She learned to learn, and she realized that learning could open the doors to a new world, a new life. If life is not a daring adventure it would be boring and uninspiring.

This piece of travel inspiration should motivate you to plan your own adventures. Do not sit at home and say that one day you will go on a trip. Start planning  your getaway now. You deserve a vacation. You deserve to learn, grown, and smile somewhere luxurious in the sun.

Even if you do not leave for your trip until three or five years from now, creating a plan and working towards it are your first steps. Make your life a journey! Hopefully, this travel inspiration is what you need to get started.