In the Season 2, Episode 2 of Match Made in Heaven that aired at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on May 26, 2016, Erica, Colby, and T’Keyah were sent home.

Lola, Stevie’s mother, moved in to the house and came up with a house rule: No Cursing in the House. At this point, Lola was still trying to figure out which left her underwear on the bathroom floor in last week’s episode of the reality TV show. Lola was undercover as a housekeeper in the house when she discovered the spanks on the floor in the first episode of the show.

Now that Lola had revealed her true identity to the women, she was going to move into the mansion. She decided to stay in the room with Elle and some other girls. Lola had some reservations about Elle’s true intentions, and she wanted to keep an eye on her.

During some downtime in the house, Roxie, a 28-year-old hopeful from California said that she is the IT factor. She has beauty and education.

The girls had to decide whether they wanted to go on a group date with Stevie in church or the club.

The women who chose church were Kia, Christina, Elle, Kimmy, Roxie, Rose, Medgie and MacKenzi. They made gift baskets for a charity called, A Place Called Home. The organization gives back to underprivileged children.
MacKenzi had a secret. No. Her secret was not that she used to be a man. Her secret was that she used to be over 300 pounds.


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Lola called out Jasmine. She was the person who left her panties in the bathroom. She apologized and Lola said that she appreciated that, but she also said that it was a problem.

Then, the women who opted for the club had their date. They were Keneice, T’Keyah, Colby, Sincerely, Jasmine, Victorya, and Erica. They really didn’t go to an actual club at the resort where the show filmed, but instead they got to know each other in a large cabana near the pool and had drinks.

Stevie Bagg

Jasmine took Stevie away from the other women so she could get closer to him. Stevie liked that took him away from the other girls, so they could kiss. But Te’Keya tried to kiss him, too, in front of everyone. He didn’t like that at all.


Jasmine and Roxie had a spot near the pool, because Roxie’s confidence (or arrogance) rubbed Jasmine the wrong way.

And Sincerely, who Stevie liked so much was now on thin ice with his mother. Lola wanted to send the girl home for breaking the house rule and cursing.

Stevie went on his first one-on-one date with Roxie, and the women left behind in the house had the chance to sabotage it by eating apples. Jasmine, of course, was the first person to eat the apple. Her action caused the romantic row boat that Stevie and Roxie were in to sink. Roxie was highly upset, because not only was her date a bust, but the personal notebook that she brought with her (it was like a diary) was ruined in the water.

So, when it was time to decide who would be eliminated, Erica was sent home right away, because Stevie didn’t feel that he had a connection with her.

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Colby was asked to meet him at the bridge to talk, because he was concerned about her age. She is 22 years old. T’Keyah was called to the bridge to talk to him, because Stevie really hated that she kissed him in front of the other girls, and he said that he didn’t feel a connection from the kiss. Medgie had to talk to him, because Stevie said that she didn’t act as though she was that into him anymore. He felt that she had gotten a little too comfortable since she impressed him so much the previous week.

In the end, he decided to save Medgie and Jasmine. Stevie said that Colby was too young for him, and he didn’t have a connection with T’Keyah and Erica.

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