Crystal Cruises’ revealed its new new polar class megayacht, the Crystal Endeveavor. With 100 luxury suites and measuring a whopping 600 feet, it will have the capacity to accommodate 200 passengers. The Crystal Endeavor will be ready for passengers in August 2018. The ship will sail in the Polar regions in the summer and fall.

Crystal Endeavor

Crystal Endeavor Rendering Polar View

The Crystal Endeavor will also track and follow migrating whales as they travel through the Americas, Europe and Antarctica. The ship will stop at remote islands that other cruise ships cannot access. State-of-the-art positioning equipment is slated to guide the Endeavor. Through the use of a Remote Operated Vehicle, expedition voyages are planned to take passengers to see the Titanic and other sunken passenger ships in addition to sunken war ships.

Crystal Endeavor Rendering Tropical View

Crystal Endeavor Rendering Tropical View

Outfitted with the latest megayacht toys, the Crystal Endeavor is planned to have two helicopters, a submarine for up to seven people, jet skis, snorkeling and scuba equipment, waverunners, and an ATV.