AAA reported on November 17, 2015 that this year more than 46.9 million Americans will take trips during this Thanksgiving holiday season. That’s a slight increase over the 46.6 million people who traveled 50 miles or more last year during the Thanksgiving travel weekend. The 46.9 million figure also reflects the largest number of travelers who have taken trips during the Thanksgiving holidays since 2007. Travel between the period on the Wednesday before the Thanksgiving holiday and the Sunday after the holiday was counted by AAA as the Thanksgiving travel period.


Thanksgiving Travel 2015

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The bulk of Americans will drive to their destinations. AAA states that low gas prices sparks American’s desire to travel the highways. Other travelers will hit the airports, take trains, cruises, and buses.

Gas prices are expected to be the lowest that they’ve been since 2008, but airfares are reduced, too. Plane tickets average about $169 round-trip for domestic travel, a 10 percent drop, according to the AAA report.

For the 42 million people who are planning to fuel up and take a road trip this Thanksgiving holiday, here are some tips on how to get vehicle maintenance at a fair price. Don’t forget to get your vehicle checked out before your trip.