Below Deck Mediterranean 2 is back, for its second season, this time in Croatia. While there are some familiar faces, one familiar face is absent. Captain Mark Howard. Captain Sandra Yawn, a meticulous captain with around 30 years of experience,  has replaced Capt. Howard on the show. She has overcome everything from fires aboard to being chased by pirates in her career.

Also new this year is the chef, Chef Ben Robinson didn’t return this year. His replacement, Adam Glick. Bobby Giancola has returned this season as a deckhand, Hannah Ferrier is back this season as the chief stewardess. There is a new second stewardess, Christine Bugsy Drake, is the 2nd Stewardess and Lauren Cohen is the 3rd Stewardess.  Wesley Walton is the bosun. Max Hagley is a deckhand and Malia White is also a deckhand.

In the first two episodes of Season of Season 2 of Below Deck Mediterranean, Captain Yawn was mistaken for a Stewardess (that was on the first day). Bobby fell head over heels for Malia White and blew his top at Hannah when he thought that she flirted with his love interest at the club. Melia also cut her foot on some broken glass on the ship and Bobby tried to give her first aid (never mind that she was naked, trying to wash the glass off in the shower).

The first guests on the ship were a group of active women who called themselves The Tribe. Aside from their strict diet, they were a pretty easy group to please. To prepare for these passengers, Captain Yawn told the crew where items should be placed, where they shouldn’t be left, and she even joined in to clean one of the passenger’s rooms, something that most captains would never do.

BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN 2 — Pictured: (l-r) Sandy Yawn, Hannah Ferrier, Adam Glick, Bugsy Drake, Lauren Cohen, Malia White, Max Hagley, Bobby Giancola, Wes Walton — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo)

Hannah seemed to be playing nice with Chef Adam, although he isn’t exactly her style of a chef. He wears what she calls a dirty apron and crocks without socks. When he burns the meal for the guests, he simply tosses it and prepares another dish. Thank goodness, he was able to prepare a replacement in 5 minutes.

Next, Adam revealed that a belly dancer was going to perform for the guests. It was supposed to be a surprise. That irritated Hannah, but she accepted his apology.

Bobby and Lauren Cohen were a bit tense around each other, because they’d dated and broken up. Bobby said as little as possible to Lauren, which made the whole thing awkward. Bobby had a major problem with docking the ship, and the engineers had to fix everything up. It turns out that Bobby is bad in math.

Diocletian Wine House

For their night off, the cast of Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2 went out to the Diocletian Wine House in Split, Croatia.

Diocletian Wine House in Croatia

Photo of the Below Deck Mediterranean 2 Cast by Virginia Sherwood/Bravo