Corfu Island is one of the islands that fall within the Ionian Sea. It is as a matter of fact, the second largest among the islands of the Ionian Sea. The island is home to the history of Greece, dating way back to the start of the Greek mythology. Korkyra, its Greek name has links to the great water symbols; Poseidon and Asopos. Poseidon was the sea god while Asopos was a very essential mainland river of Greece.

The Old Fortress

View of the Old Fortress by Vince Smith

View of the Old Fortress by Vince Smith

Throughout Europe, the Old Fortress of Corfu is one of the most striking fortification works. Towering the town’s eastern side, the Old Fortress of Corfu is the first thing that that anyone approaching the town in a ferry first sees. It stands on a rocky peninsula that cuts into the sea. The fortress gets its name relative to the New Fortress of Saint Mark, a fortress which was constructed as a protection of the town from pirates as well as enemies.

Spianada, Europe’s second largest square, holds the entrance to the Fortress. After the entrance, there are two rooms on either side which currently holds Corfu’s Byzantine Collection. It is also in the fortress that the Public Library is embedded. There are 2 stone stairs leading up to the high point. The high point provides a spectacular view of the town and the Ionian Sea. The library provides great history about Corfu. It is a great site to have a view of the sea.


Kérkyra by Alexander Saprykin

Kérkyra has some spectacular beaches. The greek Ionian Islands are especially known for their amazing beaches. Kérkyra particularly has an awesome coastline which provides a great destination for anyone who desires a great swim. The beaches are scattered all through the Island making them easy to access. One can therefore have a swim anytime they feel like it.

Near these beaches, there are some wonderful hotels which offer great services. There are also numerous clubs and bars in which one can hang out after a great swim. Some of the hotels which are available for rent have private beaches. One can also participate in beach games in Kérkyra. It is one destination in which one can never lack an activity to engage in.

Achillion Palace

Inside Achillion Palace by Vince Smith

The Village of Gastouri hosts the Achillion Palace. A casino was made out of the upper floors of the palace while the ground floor was made into a museum. It also has conspicuous gardens which overlook the Ionian Sea as well as Corfu Town.
It is a great place for anyone who would like to have an unobstructed view of the Ionian Sea. It is especially interesting during the afternoon.


Kassiopi by Alexander Saprykin

Kassiopi by Alexander Saprykin

Kassiópi provides a great sightseeing tour destination. It is a cute harbor town on a nice location, a small peninsula on the N. Eastern corner of Corfu Island. It is a great hideaway destination in which to seek refuge from the rest of the world.


Old Town Corfu

Old Town Corfu by Sonderzeichen

Old Town Corfu by Sonderzeichen

Walking down the Old Town of Corfu is an amazing experience. There are numerous interesting historical sites to visit, some of which include the church of Ayios Spiridon. There is also the museum of Palaipolis.