Aside from the table throwing, the Basketball Wives in Amsterdam was a great example of how to live your best life. Did you see the gorgeous countryside the Jackie, OG, Kristen and CeCe visited? Did you imagine yourself taking a boat ride like the Basketball Wives, without the confrontation, of course. Yes. You could swing by the Marijuana Museum or the Prostitution Museum, if you like.

Visit the Hash Marijuana and Hemp Museum like the Basketball Wives in Amsterdam

The Hash Marihuna and Hemp Museum is a favorite tourist attraction in Amsterdam. Shaunie O’Neal and Evelyn Lozada were a little too out of it to fully enjoy the museum during their visit, but if you don’t inhale marijuana before you go, you’re likely to see and learn about medicinal marijuana, how hash is made, and uses for hemp.  The museum is the oldest in the world dedicated to hemp or marijuana.

The Museum of Prostitutes is conveniently located in the Red Light District, housed in a former brothel. To curious visitors, it reveals the secrets of Amsterdam’s prostitutes.  Visitors can pose in a window  at the Museum of Prostitutes just to feel what it’s like to be a working girl, like the Basketball Wives did. Go inside one of the rooms where prostitutes. Learn sexy secrets and confessions.  The museum is sexy as well as educational. You’ll learn more than you ever thought you’d know about prostitution.

Basketball Wives in Amsterdam: Museum of Prostitution

Flower Market of Amsterdam

Floating Flower Market: Basketball Wives in Amsterdam

I love flowers, so I can’t wait to go to the Flower Market of Amsterdam where I could see all types of tulips and other flowers for sale. Amsterdam is an excellent place to shop for flowers and bulbs. Buy bulbs in the market and they can be shipped home. With a little care a colorful array of flowers straight from Amsterdam could be had. This floating market has been a source for gorgeous flowers since 1862, according to The flowers are sold from greenhouses affixed onto barges, definitely something to see.

De Wallen/Red Light District

Basketball Wives in Amsterdam

Get an eye full or more at the famous Red Light District. Visitors have reported that the area is safe, but there’s bound to be lots of drug use, maybe it’s not so appropriate for kids. The Red Light District is where to go for people watching and window watching. Prostitutes dance or do whatever to lure those inside who want to buy, and there are plenty of places to legally purchase drugs in Amsterdam. Organized tours and other structured activities are there. You can’t go to Amsterdam without visiting the Red Light District. I’m calling it a must-see hot spot.

Amsterdam Historic Canal Tour

Basketball Wives in Amsterdam

The Historic Boat Tour of Amsterdam features a tour on a 100-year traditional Dutch boat. The tour takes visitors to Rembrandt’s neighborhoods and passengers will learn from the boat’s skipper, an experienced historian. This is really a special treat, because this beautiful salon-style boat only holds 12 people.