The Amazing Race was in Germany for Season 22, Episode 9. The racers met up in Dresden, Germany and drove from there about 100 miles to the Brandenburg Gate, based on a clue. They had to answer a question regarding where Ronald Regan gave his famous speech, stating that the Berlin Wall must be destroyed. Once in Berlin, they jumped off the top of the Park Inn Hotel, fully protected, of course


Brandenburg Gate by Jeramey Jannene


The contestants headed to the Deutsches Technikmuseum, a railroad museum in Berlin. They were tasked to put together a train set and get it running. The train wasn’t supposed to stop on the tracks. If it did stop on the tracks, they had to start the train again from the beginning. This task sounded simple, but it took Joey and Meghan, seven tries to successfully complete this challenge.

Deutsches Technikmuseum by volkersworld

Most of the teams decided to complete the detour that had them going to the Museum of Letters in Berlin. Each team member who chose this detour had to carry one large illuminated letter and bring it undamaged to the museum.


The teams headed to Salon Zur Wilden Renate, a cool bar that had a maze of doors, crawl spaces, and hallways. Sometimes the teams were in pitch black. Sometimes the camera picked up neon lights.  There were strange-looking sculptures on the walls. The maze freaked out some of the teams, like Katie  (a newlywed to partner Max). Joey loved the maze and wanted to go through it again.

Max and Katie finished first for this leg of the Amazing Race in Germany, and Joey and Meghan finished second. This was a non-elimination leg.

Photo of Dresden, Germany by Thomas Quine