There are so many places to see in the world that deciding where you want to visit could feel overwhelming. This year, why not plan to visit somewhere amazing? Don’t feel as though you have to go everywhere. Visiting just one place on this list could be the experience of a lifetime.


1. Tulip Field, Lisserbroek, North Holland

field of tulips

Tulip field, photo by Roman Boed

This field of tulips in Lisserbroek, North Holland in the Netherlands is a must-see for people who love flowers. Holland is known for its flower industry. So, if you are the type who has to have cut flowers every once in while, why not see where some of those flowers are grown. According to, tulip season typically lasts from mid-March to May. The Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse, near Amsterdam,  is one of the best places to visit in Holland to see large masses of beautifully colorful tulips. If you are visiting Amsterdam, you can get to the Keukenhof Gardens within an hour.


2. Great Blue Hole in Belize

Belize Blue Hole

Belize Blue Hole, photo by Eric Pheterson

This sinkhole near Belize simply begs to be explored. These blue waters are a popular diving destination. Some television viewers might have seen the Blue Hole on the Bachelor season with Ben Flajik. The great blue hole was also named as one of the top diving spots in the world by  Jacques-Yves Cousteau and it was recognized by the Discovery channel as  one of the Most Amazing Places on Earth.


 3. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle, photo by nite dan

Neuschwanstein Castle in Schwangau, Germany was the idea behind the castle in Sleeping Beauty. Millions of people have visited the castle through the years with over a million people traveling to Germany to see this impressive castle every year. Most people who drive to the castle end up going to the nearby village of Hohenschwangau, since it has the only public parking facility for the castle.


 4. Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

Glow Worm Cave

Glow Worm Cave, photo by 2ilorg

The blue glowing lights created by glowworms in these caves in New Zealand are certainly worth seeing. The live glowworms make the caves, also called the Waitomo Glowworm Grotto, shine with miraculous lights. Many of the people who have visited the cave and commented about them on TripAdvisor praised them as a place worth visiting. You can easily take a guided boat tour to see the cave for yourself. The Waitomo Glowworm grotto is roughly about an hour away from the city of Hamilton in New Zealand.


5. The Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon

Photo of the Grand Canyon by Ritesh3

The South Rim is the part of the Grand Canyon with plenty of rest areas to pull over and take photos of the view. The North rim of the Canyon is more difficult to visit or access, according to the Grand Canyon National Park. The GCNP also reports that the rims are significantly farther from each other. If you try to drive from the North Rim to the South rim by car, you’ll find yourself driving a whopping 220 miles for the trip. If you are able to hike from one rim to the other, you’ll travel only about 21 miles.


6. Santorini, Greece

Santorini Greece

Santorini Greece, photo by Danel Solabarrieta

You can’t help but notice the color scheme for the buildings in Santorina. You might wonder, just why are the buildings painted blue and white? The famous blue and white buildings of Santorini Greece were painted from previous colors to white and blue beginning in 1967 and ending in about 1974, according to TripAdvisor. The colors were ordered by the government in power in Santorini at the time.


 7.  Igloo Hotel, Finland

Igloo Village

Winter Igloo Village, photo courtesy of the Igloo Village, Hotel Kakslauttanen

Hotel Kakslauttanen is an arctic resort in Finland. The property has glass igloos, snow igloos, and log cabins. The glass igloos are wonderful for those who are lucky enough the see the Northern Lights.  These cozy igloos have two beds and a toilet, but showers are in another building at the resort. Thankfully, during the 2014-2015 season Hotel Kaklauttanen will have igloos for four people that also include showers. Located near the Arctic Sea, Hotel Kakslauttanen is in an area that is said to be so clean, people can drink pure water right from the rivers.


8.  Venice, Italy


Venice, photo by Artur Staszewski

Venice, Italy is one of the most romantic places to see  in the world. Aside from taking a boat down canals like this, you can’t beat the architecture, art, and the wonderful Italian food. Just be careful, because since Venice is so popular, it is often very crowded with tourists, especially in the high-peak seasons in the spring and summer.


9. Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls

Photo of Victoria Falls by Meraj Chhaya

The impressive Victoria Falls offers visitors views of massive falling curtains of water. The most incredible views can be had from areas that include Falls Bridge, a bridge that visitors can walk on to view Victoria Falls. Falls Bridge also is a railway, joining together Zambia and Zimbabwe. Adventurous travelers can try to bungee jump or  zipline near the bridge, two attractions that are available to those who are brave enough to attempt these feats.


 10. Lucerne, Switzerland


Lucerne in Switzerland, photo by palindrome6996

The old town in  Lucerne, Switzerland is designed to explore by foot. Take a leisurely walk through this quaint old town and tour the maze-like streets. The streets are actually cobblestone, and the homes and buildings have been well-preserved. There are restaurants, shops, and cute fountains in the various squares. Use either a map or a Lucerne app to guide your way.


 11. Whitsunday Island, Australia

Whitsunday Island

Whitsunday Island, photo by Wicker Paradise, CC

The whiter than white sand of Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday island juxtaposes beautiful silica and clear blue water. The beach has earned recognition as being one of the most cleanest in Queensland in 2009. in 2010 named Whitehaven Beach as the most eco-friendly beach. The white sand is very soft and it reportedly does not get too hot for barefoot feet. The beach is highly photogenic, but the sand can hurt electronics, so beware of that. The closest airports to Whitehaven Beach are the Hamilton Island Airport  and the  Proserpine Airport in Australia.


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