It’s no secret that reality shows are hotter than fish grease these days. While people can argue all day about whether or not these shows should be on the air, viewers are certainly tuning in. It looks like reality shows will be around for a awhile, or at least until the next big thing in broadcasting comes along. Good or bad, reality TV shows do have one positive in common. They put the spotlight on destinations, hotels/resorts, eateries, spas…. Did I mention them all? Oh, and shops that viewers might not have heard of before.

A flash of a sign on camera, a mention of a name, and tons of viewers get to Googling to learn more about the place they saw on TV. Even with the water tossing, the cussing, and the he-say-she-say drama, who wouldn’t want the tremendous exposure that TV can bring to a resort? Well, if the drama is potentially too much to handle, some venues have known to pass, but there are some shows that focus on happy endings, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, The Amazing Race, for example. These reality TV shows include travel, and they appeal to people who probably enjoy travelling. Other shows appeal to people who have an interest in TV personalities (or they simply like the drama) and these viewers naturally want to know where the movers and shakers dine, shop, and stay. Have you noticed that nearly every season of The Housewives include a trip of some sort? Anyway, just in case you missed the shot of the resorts’ sign when the shows aired or you didn’t quite catch the name of that gorgeous luxury resort that you saw on your favorite reality TV show, here’s just a peak at a few of the most beautiful resorts where some reality show favorites were shot.

1. The Bachelorette filmed at the Hotel Kura Hulanda. Emily Maynard handed over her final rose when in Hawaii. Two episodes were filmed there. Viewers saw the Hotel Kura Hulanda and the Lodge at Kura Hulanda, two resorts with features unique to each.

Superior Room at the Hotel Kura Hulanda
Photo courtesy of Hotel Kura Hulanda


2. The Bachelorette was filmed at the CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa in Anguilla.


The beach at the CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa
Photo courtesy of the CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa


The CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa
Photo courtesy of the CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa

3. The Real Housewives of New York was filmed at the La Sultana Marrakech in Morocco in Season 4 of the series. The season aired in 2011.


La Sultana
Photo courtesy of La Sultana La Sultana Spa photo courtesy of La Sultana

4. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was filmed at the Four Seasons Resort Lana’i at Manele Bay in Hawaii.


Pool of the Four Seasons Resort Lana’i at Manele Bay
Photo by Peter Vitale


5. Episodes from Season 10 of The Bachelor was filmed at the Terranea in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

Terranea Resort
Photo by Myhsu


Display photo of the Kura Hulanda, courtesy of the Kura Hulanda