The six remaining Amazing Race teams in Season 25, Episode 8 made their way to Malta from Italy. In their first challenge, they each carried a tray of drinks to the Knights of Malta. Brooke was keen on U-Turning Kym and Alli as soon as the opportunity presented itself, and the other teams seemed to agree. Kym and Alli had separated themselves from the others while the teams waited on the ferry to get to their final destination. The others didn’t like that they were being a bit standoffish.

The Amazing Race filmed at the Bridge Bar

Amazing Race Teams were at the Bridge Bar, photo by Emily Marie Taylor, CC

Once they arrived in Malta, the Amazing Race teams had to go to the Bridge Bar where they were told that they must balance trays with two drinks over their shoulders. They delivered the drinks to a rowdy table of Knights of Malta who were positioned at a long table at the top of stairs. The stairs were called Saint Ursula’s staircase.

If they dropped the drinks, they had to clean up the glass and begin again. All of the teams dropped the trays, but it seemed as though the food scientists, Amy and Maya were never going to make it. Finally, after several tries they were able to balance the trays and bring them to the knights, and all of the gentlemen cheered for them.

The teams went to a holding area where they all spent the night. At the holding area were necklaces with times on them. Some of the members were to open the next clue at 7:30, while other team members couldn’t open the clue until 7:45. Kym and Alli, Jim and Misti, and Tim and Te Jay had the 7:30 departure time. While Brooke and Robbie (who couldn’t find a taxi again) Amy and Maya, and Adam and Bethany had the 7:45 departure time.

The next morning, they opened their clues and read that they had a Roadblock. One member from each team had to repel down a cliff and swim to a nearby cave to find the next clue. The site was at the Blue Grotto, which had unbelievably bright blue water.

The next clue informed them that they were to go to a street, Triq Antika, where they would find their next clue. When they got to the designated street, most of the teams saw a sign that said Flag or Shine. There were no other instructions.

Tim and Te Jay were last in the previous episode and had to complete a speed bump as a penalty. They were required to use a stencil to pain the Maltese Cross on a couple of shields. They completed their painting and headed to the detour.

Maya and Amy, Ally and Kym, Misti and Jim and Tim and Te Jay tried Flag, in which they had to run along a slippery pole and grab flags at the end of the pole. If they fell off, they landed in water. None of the teams were able to complete the entire challenge (each Amazing Race team member had to grab a flag). They all switched to Shine, which entailed shining armor while one member of the team was wearing it.

Tim and Te Jay took entirely too long trying to snatch the flag from the Flag detour, by the time they switched to Shine, it was too late, and they came in  last.

Here’s the order of the finish for episode 8, season 25 of the Amazing Race:

  1. Adam and Bethany (they used their pass and didn’t have to complete the detour)
  2. Misti & Jim
  3. Kym & Alli
  4. Maya & Amy
  5. Brooke & Robbie
  6. Tim & Te Ja