Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Cast of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Photo courtesy of VH1

Ebanos Crossing West Hollywood in the spotlight in episode 10 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. That’s where Yung Berg had his white party. Ebanos Crossing is a multi-level venue that is set-up to be a retreat from the everyday pressures in the world. It’s interesting that Yung Berg and Masika actually wanted to humiliate someone in a place that is supposed to be so peaceful. Everyone at that party probably needed several drinks during this episode. It’s a good thing that Ebanos Crossing has at least two bars, a large Victorian style bar and a smaller, private bar. Before its debut on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Ebanos Crossing had been called a sexy cocktail bar with an old fashioned flavor.

Ca Del Sol Restaurant

Ray J. tried to apologize (get back with) Teairra Mari  for being rude to her when she came to see how he was doing after his arrest. The exes talked at Ebanos, and thank goodness that Teairra held her ground and did not get back with him. She had a lot to say to Ray J., because she had been hearing a lot of gossip about his relationship with his latest (at the time) lover, Princess. However, it was clear that Teairra Mari still had feelings for Ray J. During an emotional chat with Sonya Norwood, Ray J’s mother, she hashed out her feelings at Ca Del Sol Restaurant. Ca Del Sol is an Italian restaurant with lasagna, linguine, spaghetti and other traditional Italian dishes.

Sonya advised Teairra that sometimes love can be rekindled, but sometimes it’s best to move on. She could tell that Teairra was hurt, but she said that no one can make another person love. No matter how much Teairra Mari cared for Ray J., if he didn’t feel the same, there was nothing that she could do.


Lastly, in this episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Ray J. met up with Morgan, because he gathered that she had been telling Teairra Mari personal things about him and Princess. They sat down at Bar-Hayama in Los Angeles. Morgan thought for a few minutes that Ray J. was going to apologize to her, but Ray J. was going confront her about gossiping about him. Bar-Hayama is sushi, sake bar with a lunch and dinner menu, but of course, the two were too busy arguing to sit down together and eat. Their argument was so intense that it’s questionable whether they would ever be able to sit down and eat together again. So, the Bar-Hayama incident was probably the final straw that led to the disintegration of a friendship on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Just in case all of that arguing made them hungry, the bar has a full sushi bar and of course, there’s a sake bar, too. The fire pit outside is also a popular spot at Bar-Hayama.

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Lunch was a bountiful sushi combo from @barhayama – love having this place by my office

— Pat Saperstein (@EatingLA) April 25, 2014