Atlantic City shows are one reason to visit New Jersey, but wait, a $20 million tourism campaign will focus on some of the other reasons that you should visit. The Atlantic City Alliance’s ad campaign to Do Atlantic City urges tourists to visit the Jersey destination. ┬áThe organization is battling lingering perceptions that Atlantic City is still damaged from Hurricane Sandy.

One of the most anticipated Atlantic City shows is The Mrs. Carter World Tour, which is on July 26th. ┬áSince the Alliance is pushing a great deal of money and a sense of urgency into it’s overall promotion, travelers should expect to see some discounts that will give them that little push to seal the deal and visit Atlantic City. In June, the Atlantic City Airshow will monopolize the skies over the city. Actually, promoters are saying that the airshow will combine the air, sea, and sand, because of the free activities on the boardwalk that entire week. One of the best times to book a room in Atlantic City will probably be during that week for the deals and the free things to see that week.

See Atlantic City Shows, But Don’t Forget the Spas

Although Atlantic City is undoubtedly known for its casinos, travelers who want to a quieter vacation can head to Atlantic City’s spas. The Sea Spa at Chelsea, the Gold Nugget Salon and Spa, and the Qua Baths and Spa at Caesar’s are some of the choices for a little relaxation and a lot of pampering. The spas at Qua Baths simulate Roman baths, so you can socialize with friends or family members in these baths.

Travelers certainly won’t run out of dining options in Atlantic City. Quick hotdogs and burgers on the boardwalk, and Italian, Mexican, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine in various are a few of the choices travelers have. There’s meatless food, and super-healthy food, too.

For more information on Atlantic City shows and attractions, visit Do AC.

Atlantic City Shows
Photo by elPadawan