Forbes Five Star hotels and resorts are selected based on a list of questions based on everything from the reservation process to  how guests are greeted to the room service. Of course, the physical conditions in the hotel are rated as well. The inspectors who visit the hotels, go there incognito and spend three days and two nights inspecting the hotel. For a five star hotel, the rooms should have at least two phones. Internet access should be available in the room. An insulated bucket for ice with clean glasses should be present in the room of a Forbes Five Star hotel. Did you know that if your pillow is made of foam, your hotel room earned a “no” on the Forbes checklist to rate hotels. Interestingly, a five star inn should have movies available and a room in a five star resort should have plenty of seating for guests. Although five star hotels usually have good-quality soaps and shampoos, the Forbes five star rating asks whether or not there are hygienic soaps, shampoos and at least four other items in the bathroom.