The Bachelor Chris Soules is showing the world what good old America has to offer. In Episode 5, the Bachelor group visited Santa Fe , New Mexico where they stayed at the Hilton Santa Fe. Chris had a date in Santa Fe with Carly Waddell, a cruise ship singer from Texas. He wanted to see if the two had any chemistry with each other.

They had a meeting with a sex therapist who tried to help them get in touch with their sensual sides. The date was too much, too soon. The two felt extremely uncomfortable, especially when they were asked to remove their clothes.

Nine of the ladies went on a river rafting trip on the Rio Grande during the group trip in the episode. The ride was wild and exciting, but one of the ladies fell into the cold water.

The Bachelor TV Show was filmed in a Hilton Hotel in Santa Fe

Hilton Santa Fe, Photo courtesy of Hilton

Here is an example if a room in the Hilton Santa Fe, the hotel where the The Bachelor and his bachelorettes stayed during Season 19, Episode 5 (the show that aired on February 2, 2015).

Santa Fe Room Photo Courtesy of Hilton

Santa Fe Room Photo Courtesy of Hilton

Chris surprised Britt Nilsson the next morning. He took her on a balloon ride as the sun was rising in Santa Fe. He woke her up in morning, and whisked her away in this highly romantic journey.

The Bachelor Chris Soules and Britt took a balloon ride.

The Bachelor Chris Soules and Britt took a balloon ride. Photo courtesy of ABC

They looked so happy together. Is this the beginning of the happily ever after between Chris and Britt?

"The Bachelor" Chris Soules and Britt

The Bachelor Chris Soules and Britt, Courtesy of ABC