Thousands of  reality TV viewers tuned in to see how things would go for The Basketball Wives LA in Paris. Most of the season three cast members went on the trip that was to supposedly celebrate Jackie Christie’s new Cognac and visit the region and distillery where the Cognac was made.

Draya Michelle elected not to go, because she just could not be in the same vicinity as Jackie. Jackie’s back and forth, starting drama and acting as though she was as blameless as a nun, played on Draya’s last nerve. So, when Malaysia Pargo broke the news that Draya was not coming, Jackie acted as though she was shocked, surprised, and simply had no idea of why her best buddy Draya would not show up.

Viewers of the Basketball Wives LA in Paris know that not only did Jackie talk behind Draya’s back, but she also set the girl up. This offended Malaysia, because she is friends with Draya. Malaysia and Brandi decided to steer clear of Jackie and the rest of the crew. They stuck together and did a little sightseeing in Paris. On the show, Malaysia and Brandi Maxiell went to the famous lock bridge, a popular bridge, Pont de l’Archeveche, where tourists buy locks, attach them to the bridge, make a wish or confess their love, and toss the key into the water below.

Lock Bridge in Paris Basketball Wives LA

Lock Bridge in Paris

Who did Malaysia and Brandi see while they were on the lock bridge? They saw Jackie, Brittish Williams, and Sundy Carter. The other three ladies were on a boat tour seeing Paris. Seine River and Paris Canal tours gives tourists some of  the most famous sights in Paris. Just remember to dress according to the weather, so you won’t be as cold as Jackie looked on the boat. The Basketball Wives LA took a Les Bateaux Mouches cruise in Paris. Although there are many companies that have open-air boats, the Compagnie  des Bateaux owns the name and operates nine cruises.

The company has been around for 60 years. The Compagnie des Bateaux operates both dinner cruises and tour cruises. The tours travel pas the Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Grand Palais, the Hotel DeVille, and several other attractions.

Louvre in Paris

Louvre Photo by photophilde


The Eiffel Tower by Terrazzo

The Eiffel Tower by Terrazzo


Some of the Basketball Wives LA ladies went to an art class in Paris at the Rrose Selavy studio. They were presented with a live, nude male model to depict. Adult and children’s classes are held at the studio. Jackie, Sundy, and Brittish took the painting class (with tea), but classes in sculpture, ceramics, paper mache and knitting are offered, too.

If you are planning a trip to Paris, you might want to consider staying at the hotel where The Basketball Wives LA stayed. They were accommodated at the Millennium Paris Opera Hotel. This 4-star hotel is located near the Louvre and other attractions in Paris.

Basketball Wives LA in Paris: The Millennium Paris Opera

Hotel for the Basketball Wives LA in Paris: Photo courtesy of the Millennium Paris Opera

Basketball Wives in Paris at the Millennium Hotel

The lobby at the Millennium Hotel Paris, for the Basketball Wives LA in Paris: Photo courtesy of the Millennium Hotel

The Millennium Paris Opera has standard rooms, club rooms, studio suites, and executive suites. The hotel also has an in-house restaurant and a bar. Apparently, the hotel offers its VIP guests a fabulous spread when they arrive to the hotel. When the Basketball Wives first arrived to Paris and to the hotel, there was a nice spread of cheese and wine waiting for them. It appeared that the breakfast at the hotel was pretty good, too. After a fun night out on the town (Malaysia said that the nightlife in Paris is great) Malaysia and Brandi managed to get downstairs for a little breakfast and orange juice. They took their breakfast upstairs with them once an argument broke out, so either Malaysia and Brandi were really hungry, or those eggs were very tasty.   The Basketball Wives LA in Paris   This is an example of one of the executive suites at the hotel. The rates for the executive suite was about $373 per night (converted from Euros)  for a stay on Saturday May 10, 2014.

Studio Suite, photo courtesy of the Millennium Paris Opera

Studio Suite, photo courtesy of the Millennium Paris Opera

Above is an example of one of the Studio Suites where the cast stayed. These rooms are reserved about $375 per night (the rate was converted from Euros and was based on a one-night stay on May 10, 2014) . The Studio Suites are available with two single beds or a double bed.