Part One of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion had a soft start with giggle-worthy looks at the women’s body rejuvenation trips, a cute review of Kenya Moore’s names for Chateau Sheree, and an interesting talk about who had natural boobs and who had a breast job. The reunion was filmed in the ballroom of the Georgian Hotel in Atlanta.

Then, the reunion focused on Sheree’s Housewarming, Kenya seeing that the basement was unfinished, and the verbal argument between Kenya and Kim.

Andy Cohen mentioned that so many people want to see Kenya’s house that she had some intruders who just had to get a look (or who knows what?). Kenya pulled out a gun on them. Kenya assured Andy that she has several guns and that she’d been shooting all of her life. Porsha Williams, Kandi Burruss, and Phaedra Parks raised their hands when Andy asked who else had guns. So, the RHOA are definitely packing. Sheree said that she just received her permit, and Cynthia Bailey said that she was thinking about getting a gun.

A lot of people have been wondering if Sheree is actually living in her mansion. She said that she is, although Kenya said that she didn’t think that Sheree was living there, because the house always looked like it was always dark.
Of course, Kenya didn’t hide that she took Kandi down to the basement, because she was being shady.

“She sat there and tore my house up, down, and around the corner. I thought she was a city inspector,” Kenya said of Sheree’s visit for the Moore Manor Housewarming Party. Then, Kenya and Sheree started arguing over the houses, but things got hot when Sheree said that she could put two of Kenya’s homes in her unfinished basement, and Kenya said that at least she could pay for her own home, and that at least she didn’t have tax liens and people lined up to take liens on her place. Sheree came back with saying that at least she provided a toilet for her contractors. Sheree told Andy that she paid all of contractors that should be paid.

They argued over who had the idea first for the lighting in the homes, as well, but some tea was spilled when Sheree said that Kenya had a rich African guy who helped her with her down payment (Kenya denied this). Porsha chimed in by telling Andy that Kenya tried to tell some guy from Africa that her car was wrecked, so he would give her the money to buy another car. The man refused. A second African guy gave her the money for the house, Porsha said on the show. She said that she has the African connection.

Kenya was adamant that she was self-made, and she had everything built from the ground up and that she would sit any day and defend herself against that. “If I ever talk about something, it’s a fact, and whatever I say about any of you whether it’s your lien, whether it’s the men you sleep with, when I say it, it’s a fact,” Kenya said.

The argument over the effectiveness of Porsha’s anger management was brought up. Porsha said she was still going to anger management to help her relieve her stress. Porsha was upset on a previous episode of the show, because Kenya and Kandi asked her how her anger management class was going. Porsha didn’t believe that Phaedra told the women that Porsha wanted to share information about her anger management classes. There was a huge argument in that show, but Porsha walked away while just about everyone was fussing at her. Andy asked Kenya why did she follow Porsha out of the restaurant when Porsha tried to leave the situation. Porsha, thankfully wasn’t triggered over the incident. But Porsha did call her friend Phaedra to presumably ask her why she told the women that she wanted to talk about her anger management. They apparently had a nice little talk and their friendship wasn’t impacted.

Kandi wondered out loud on the reunion show why Porsha called Phaedra and had a conversation with her when she found out that Phaedra had told the women that Porsha wanted to talk to them about her anger management. Kandi felt that Porsha had a problem with her, but she didn’t give her the courtesy of calling her (she just gossiped about Kandi).

Unsurprisingly, Kandi didn’t believe that Porsha was even going to anger management, beyond the two times that were captured on the show. Porsha was offended and felt that the women didn’t support her, and that’s when Kandi went off on her, saying that she had supported Porsha and even gave her money to help her win a competition. They had a shouting match at the end of the show, because Porsha felt that giving money did not give Kandi the right to mistreat people. And so the first part of the reunion show was over.

Photo of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion by Annette Brown