The Love and Hip Hop Hollywood crew spent most of their time working and talking in recording studios around Hollywood. In the finale episode, Fizz and Omarion sung and chatted in the studio, and Teairra Mari put on a showcase, for Deserve, the song she had been working on with Yung Berg.  Meanwhile, Hazel E. and Nikki befriended each other and Hazel E. had an argument with Masika Kalysha. The big news is that Teairra Mari and Ray J. got back to together for a hot minute. Here are some of the more interesting scenes from the finale of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Teairra Mari

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Teairra Mari, Photo Courtesy of VH1

Couture Hollywood Nightclub

The big event, the showcase for Teairra Mari, in which she sung Deserve, took place at Couture Hollywood. Teairra was also filmed during her practice session for the showcase to demonstrate that she had been preparing and was ready for it. Teairra had asked Yung Berg not to invite Ray J., but of course Yung Berg felt that Ray J’s presence would be good for Teairra’s performance, not to mention the showcase and Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

So, Couture Hollywood was lit with sexy pink/purple lights, and the crowd was hype. Couture is set up as a nightclub, inspired by high fashion. The club has the works: lights, lasers, a fog and mist machine, and a rich sound system. Does it have a dressing room? It looked like Teairra was getting her hair and makeup done in the bathroom.

Teairra Mari had to kill her big debut. With Sincere willing to give Teairra her props if she could make a come-back and Yung Berg in her corner, she wanted to look good and sound good. Couture is designed to handle ritzy VIP events to heart-pulsing parties, and the venue created the  beautiful, yet the dramatic backdrop that this scene needed. Teairra began singing, and she saw Ray J. out in the crowd, standing near the bar, which was great, because her song was about him. She was singing about how she deserved better.

After Teairra her song was over, she looked out across the crowd and saw Ray J. Backstage, she found something that Ray J. had left for her. It was a new bag. The bag had meaning for her, because Ray J. had treated her so badly in the past. He embarrassed her when he threw her bag and its contents all over the floor during her tattoo party in a previous episode of LHHH.

In this episode, Teairra let her emotions take over. Ray J. apologized and Teairra kissed him over and over again. It looks like they back together, but there was a different story during the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion.

Here’s the video for Teairra’s Mari’s song, Deserve.