At Hotel Angeleno, Jackie Christie and Shaunie O’Neal met up. Jackie told her that Doug had a earned a new coaching position. He would go to Reno and then another place to coach. When Jackie asked  Shaunie about Brandi, she said that she clearly indicated that she wasn’t exactly eager to talk to her. Jackie felt that Brandi needed to apologize to Shaunie for her behavior.

Brandi Maxiell and LaTosha Duffey got together at BBQ in Dallas. Brandi was in Dallas, taking care of her kids while Jason was away, playing basketball in China. Brandi and Duffey are from Dallas. Duffey is a DJ, photographer and a mother. She is engaged to Iman, a basketball agent.  Duffey has been a DJ for Amber Rose, Young Jeezy and Juicy J, according to VH1. Brandi said that she and Jason were separated.

Brandi was angry because she said that Shaunie did an interview and said that her castmate was begging her job back.

Brandi said that she really had to go back to L.A. to clear some things up.

Brandi was angry because she said that Shaunie did an interview and said that her castmate was begging her job back.

Brandi said that she really had to go back to L.A. to clear some things up.

L.A. to me is a bigger, broader, area for me to grow as a D.J. That’s where stars are made, and I want to be a star.


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Jackie and Malaysia met up at Pedalers Fork in LA for coffee. Malaysia indicated that she felt like her old self again and she was ready to date again. Jackie said that she wanted to set her up. Jackie brought up Angel to her, and Malaysia told her that she planned to avoid Angel as though she wasn’t even there.

Tami and Reggie Youngblood worked down the streets of LA. Tami said that she was there on business and she wanted to have another child. They had miscarried three times thus far.

One evening, Jackie Christie and Malaysia Pargo had dinner at IL Cielo. Malaysia had a surprise for Jackie. It turns out that Brandi was back in town. After Brandi sat down, and the ladies got settled, Brandi revealed that her friend LaTosha Duffey was coming to town and she wanted to have a party to welcome her.

Angel Brinks (from last season) introduced her friend to show, Angel Love. Angel is dating DeJuan Blair. They have a child together.  Angel said that she’s taking a break from her relationship. Angel and her friend Angel agreed to team up to defend themselves against bad behavior from the other women.

Tami Roman and Shaunie met at Tami’s place to talk about the events from the last season. Shaunie said that she was cool with Brandi until she began talking about her behind her back, saying that she was not a real boss. Shaunie also indicated that she didn’t really talk to Malaysia either. When she thought about the drama, she was glad that she didn’t stay in contact with them too much.

Brandi and Duffy had dinner at Vinoteque and waited for Malaysia Pargo to join them. Brandi wanted to meet Duffey and hoped that they would all be friends. Brandi talked about having a party for Duffey to welcome her to Los Angeles, but Malaysia acted as though she didn’t want to come, because some people that she didn’t like would be there, namely Angel Brinks.

That sounds like cute dress and cocktails and staring in b***** faces that I don’t too much want to be around, but okay Ima come.

Malaysia Pargo

Basketball Wives LA

Malaysia asked about Jason and Brandi said that she had given him a second change and he messed it up, so they were separated, and she was just trying to make herself happy. Malaysia felt that Brandi should give Jason another chance, but Duffey thought that Malaysia wasn’t being loyal to Brandi by siding with her ex. By the time they left dinner, Brandi and Duffey were irritated with each other.

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