At the Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach in Thailand, JoJo Fletcher pondered between her two suitors, Robby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers. The finale aired on August 1, 2016. JoJo, the Bachelorette was on the fence when she tried to decide between the two men; she loved both. There was Jordan, the ex-football player with stunning good looks and incredible charm. JoJo’s mother remarked the Jordan was a bit too much like JoJo and she was concerned that Jordan’s good looks and attractive personality would ignite JoJo’s insecurities, because other women would possibly flirt with him and pursue him even after he is married.

Photo courtesy of the Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach

Next, there was Robby, the former Olympic swimmer who the first man to on the show to profess his love for JoJo. JoJo said that she felt safe and comfortable with Robby. She knew that he loved her. Robby acted as if he couldn’t stand to be away from JoJo.

First thing was first, both men met  JoJo’s family during their stay in Thailand. Jordan was charismatic as usual, and bought funny hats for her family members to wear. It was a lighthearted meeting and the group laughed with Jordan, and seemed to like him. JoJo’s mother, however, had some concern. She asked Jordan to promise her that he wouldn’t hurt her daughter. Jordan looked her in the eye and promised.

It felt as though Robby made the best impression on her parents. He even asked for JoJo’s hand in marriage. Robby asked both of JoJo’s parents for permission to marry her, and they said yes.

When she talked things over with her parents, JoJo’s mother told her daughter that she thought that Robby was really the best choice.  Her parents also told JoJo that Jordan did not ask for her hand in marriage. JoJo was clearly disappointed, and she shared that disappointment with Jordan.

Jordan, felt that because he didn’t know for sure whether or JoJo loved him, he didn’t want to ask. JoJo was upset because her parents had gone home, and the opportunity to ask had passed them by.

JoJo was clearly stuck as she had to choose between the two men. She said that when she was with Jordan, she thought about Robby, and when she was with Robby, she thought about Jordan. At the end, it was Robby who got his heart broken. In an emotional break-up that left the live audience almost completely speechless, JoJo told Robby that she loved him, but she didn’t feel that certain spark (that she felt with Jordan). Both men had picked out engagement rings for JoJo, but when Jordan proposed, JoJo (obviously said yes).

ABC/Matt Klitscher

Photo courtesy of ABC/Matt Klitscher

ABC/Matt Klitscher

ABC/Matt Klitscher

ABC/Matt Klitscher

ABC/Matt Klitscher

ABC/Matt Klitsche

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