Want to see more of some of the New Edition members? Well, Ricky Bell, Michael Bivens, and Ronnie Devoe (Bell Bivens DeVoe) still have some BBD concert dates ahead, beginning in February 2017. The group have dates lined up in California, Louisiana, Colorado and Ohio.

Last fall, they announced an upcoming album, Three Stripes, to was released on January 27, 2017 after a 15-year break. They also debuted their video, Run, in 2016.

Bell, Biv, DeVoe have been busy. they’ve had a couple of performances in Alabama and Florida in 2016, in New York, California, and Florida in 2015, and sporadic performances at other venues over the years.

Here’s a little New Edition trivia. Did you know that the video for I’m Still in Love With You (1996) was filmed at Vizcaya in Miami?

If you recall from the movie, Michael Bivens really wanted to become a basketball player before joining the group. Well, in October 2016, Mike was honored by the dedication of  Roxbury basketball courts to him. The courts, located in his hometown of Boston, Mass., are called the Michael Bivens Basketball Courts and can be found in Derby Ramsey Park on Washington, Mike announced in his Instagram in 2016.

Here’s Michael Bivens on the courts in 1976. He’s wearing the light blue shirt.

You might have been surprised when you saw Ronnie DeVoe taking a real estate class in the New Edition movie, but that’s no surprise to many Atlanta residents, because DeVoe  has a real estate company in Atlanta.

If you did watch The New Edition Story, you probably learned something new about this popular group that began in the 1980s. What did you learn? Here are my Top 10 Surprises from the New Edition movie.

.Photo of the cast from the New Edition Story by Bennett Raglin