The women on Love and Hip Hop: New York took a “girls only ” trip to Cancun to bond and relax (Season 7, Episode 12). The trip started out at a rocky start when Yandy Smith-Harris invited her client Bianca B. and Bianca invited some of her friends. So, instead of it being a trip with only Yandy, J. Adrienne, JuJu, Cardi B., Cardi’s sister (Hennessy¬†Carolina) Bianca, and MariahLynn were all there. JuJu is the girlfriend of Camron.

Yandy was already upset with Kimbella, because Kimbella kept asking her the details of her husband’s Juelz Santana work. Yandy manages Juelz. Yandy wanted to separate her business from her personal life, which is difficult since her best friend is married to her client.

The group stayed at the Pyramid at the Oasis Grand, an all inclusive hotel, where they played on the beach, relaxed (or worked in Bianca’s case) on lounge chairs near the pool, and partied the the onsite club.

Yandy was irritated with Bianca, because Bianca was supposed to work during the trip, and Yandy found Bianca dancing in the club with Cardi and Mariahlynn. To her credit, Bianca had completed her work earlier in the day. Cardi and Mariah didn’t like the way that Yandy snatched Bianca away from them to chastise her. Cardi said that she understood that Yandy just wanted Bianca to work so she could have a successful career, but Cardi also felt that Bianca should have some leeway to have fun in the evenings.

Yandy and Kimbella made up on the beach. They had a crying session and felt embarrassed that they were crying when they should have been laughing and having a good time together. So, all was good with the friends again.

But then Yandy offended her other friend, JuJu. JuJu had given some of her friends on the trip a few chapters of her book,  Secrets of a Jewel. The women were complimentary about the steamy scenarios in the book, but Yandy felt that some of the things in the book were lifted right out of her own life. Yandy decided to confront JuJu right at the resort.
Yandy said that she was merely questioning JuJu to find out where she had gotten the information for her book. Did she use stories from all of her friends? JuJu said that she’d written the stories so that all women could relate to them, but she did not use anyone’s personal stories. JuJu was highly offended that Yandy felt that she’d write about anything that she’d told her in confidence. JuJu was also offended that Yandy thought that she needed her personal information to sell a book.


Love and Hip Hop New York Filming Location: The Pyramid Grand Oasis Resort

Love and Hip Hop New York was filmed at the Pyramid at the Oasis Grand

Courtesy of Oasis Hotels and Resorts: Love and Hip Hop New York Filmed at the Oasis Grand

The women from the cast of Love and Hip Hop New York bonded on the beach in Cancun.

Photo courtesy of Oasis Hotels and Resorts

Photo courtesy of the Oasis Hotels and Resorts

Photo courtesy of Oasis Hotels and Resorts