Danny didn’t bite his tongue when there was something on his mind, so it was no surprise that he said exactly what he felt about Hannah of Below Deck.

You need some makeup, because you have an ugly personality.


Below Deck Mediterranean

Danny has a mouth like a wind chime in a hurricane.

Ben Robinson

Below Deck Mediterranean

In the Below Deck episode, Charter Heaven, or Charter Hell, which aired at 9 p.m. on June 28, 2016 on Bravo, Hannah still wanted to know if Ben and her were more than friends. Ben said that they should be only colleagues, and they if they are good colleagues, they could be friends. His answer was highly swayed by the arguments that they’d had over minor things. Hannah went to a private area and cried.

She decided to focus her attention on Bobby.

Bobby to me is very pretty, and he’s something to play with. I’m definitely the type of person that if I want something, I go out and get it. So now, I’m going to pick up the shiny toy. Hannah was out to make Danny’s life a living hell. Her idea: Use his cell phone against him. Danny had pictures of the charter guests in sexy poses, and he showed the pictures to the last guests, a group of single guys.

So, she joined forces with Bobby. She told Bobby that she planned to snitch to the captain about the the sexy pictures of the Tilted Kilt models that Danny had taken and shown to other guests.

I’ve never had anyone who is as ethically and professionally challenged as he is.

Captain Mark

Below Deck Mediterranean

Bryan told Julia to clean the crew mess (the dining area for the crew). He bossed Julia around and Hannah came to her defense. Hannah ended up telling him to leave them alone for a moment, but it took a lot for Bobby to finally go away.

Julia said that he was being very aggressive, because he had a couple of drinks in him. Bryan later spoke with Julia and apologized, but she told him that he was not being a gentleman. Bryan said that he wanted to be a gentleman and didn’t want to come across as being too aggressive to Julia.

Unlucky for Danny, he became so sick that he had to stay in bed. His temperature went from 99 degrees to about 103 degrees. Ben and the captain were concerned, because they didn’t want the illness to spread, and they knew that high temperatures are dangerous. Danny complained that he had a terrible stomachache.

The charter guests arrived, a group of sedate ladies, much to Hannah’s delight. They were calm grandmotherly ladies who went to bed early, but weren’t afraid to jet ski. They had a bonfire on the beach with chocolate and marshmellos.  Hannah continued her flirting with Bobby, which concerned Bobby, because he didn’t exactly have feelings for her. He was still into Julia (although Julia had a boyfriend and wouldn’t reciprocate anything with Bobby). He asked for Jen’s advice, and she wisely told him that in about two weeks, she’ll be out of his hair. Bobby also explained what was going on to Julia, just so she’d know that he didn’t her replace her with Hannah.

By the end episode, Captain Mark was trying to decide if he should go and get help for Danny. Ben advised him that Danny wasn’t getting any better, and he was extremely concerned.