Season Two of Below Deck premieres on August 12, 2014 at 9 p.m. The travel reality TV show follows a the yacht crew of the Ohana, a $20 million luxury yacht that operates during the charter season in the British Virgin Islands. The crewmembers live, work and play on the yacht. Last season the yachties hooked-up, drank together, attended to guests (some of whom were not only demanding but eccentric) and they dealt with their own inner demons and insecurities.

In Season 1, crew members CJ LeBleau and Samantha Orme were caught drinking beer and snuggling together in the sear near the boat’s bow. It was the crew’s second to last charter, and drinking is never allowed when the crew has been hired on a charter. The guests and captain were off the boat for a temporary golfing trip. CJ and Sam were given an ultimatum. They could take a smaller $300 tip and keep their job, or they could get a $500 tip and leave the yacht and their jobs. The captain actually wanted them both fired, but since there was one last charter left and it would be difficult to replace them at the last minute…

C.J. decided to walk. He took a random offer to accompany a catamaran to Rhode Island. He kissed Sam goodbye and headed off with a catamaran of strangers. Apparently, C.J. is the kind of guy who doesn’t like to stay in one place for too long. Sam was the winner. Not only was she able to keep her job, but she was paid her full tip, despite her insubordination.


Cast for Season 2 of Below Deck

Cast for Season 2 of Below Deck, Photo courtesy of Bravo

The Cast of Season 2 of Below Deck

Samantha Orme and C.J. LeBleau are absent from Season 2, however. After the final charter in Season 1 of Below Deck, Sam decided that mega yachting wasn’t for her. She decided to go to Singapore and Australia. Adrienne Gang and Aleks ¬†Taldykin are also absent.

The cast for the second season includes captain Lee Robach, Kate Chastain, Andrew Sturdy, Kelley Johnson, Chef Ben Robinson, Eddie Lucas, Amy Johnson, Kat Held, and Jennice Ontiveros. Kelley and Amy Johnson are sisters.

See what the new cast is up to and get a glimpse into the reality TV version of yacht life this upcoming season. There are some new faces, but the stern captain is the same. We’ll have to wait and see if the new crew members can make it work during the summer yachting season. Who will hook up? Who will deny it later, and what will the new guests will be like? There’s only a few days left to see how this season.