The Beverly Hills Conference and Visitors Bureau commissioned a report called, the Future of Luxury. The report was researched by IN(K). The study found that in the future more people will try to eat local and organic foods.

  • The report found that men’s fashion stores will upgrade. These stores will have barber shops, pool tables and bars.
  • There will be a new interest in slowing down and escaping non-stop, always on  lifestyles.
  • The report finds that there will be a big switch from consumers who opt to show off their wealth to those who will prefer a low-key approach. Luxury consumers will seek items that do not have glaring logos or brand names.
  • Art will continue to be in the forefront of the luxury scene, with young people continuing to buy and invest in art. Young people, however, will share and showcase art at a wider scale and increase public visibility of it.