Ceaser didn’t believe Dutchess’s story about the night she had with Donna. That was clear in the Black Ink Crew episode that aired at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on May 2, 2016 on VH1. Dutchess had explained that Donna came on to her, and Donna denied that her advances were not wanted.

Dutchess, however could not explain away the reason why she did not wear her engagement ring while in Miami. She had told the girls that she had lost it and couldn’t recover it. Devastated that he had opened up to Duchess, Ceaser said that there was nothing that she could do to get him to forgive her. Ceaser felt betrayed, because he thought that Dutchess went to Miami and behaved as though she was a single woman, not the conservative girl friend that he had known.

Donna had to prove that she was telling the truth about the evening that she and Dutchess hooked up, so she called her friend Allison to confirm that Dutchess was not forced into anything. Allison couldn’t provide any details (Dutchess kept interrupting) but she did confirm that Donna did not force Dutchess in any way. Dutchess kept asking the girl if Allision was drunk or had she had been drinking. Of course, everyone had been drinking, so that was a moot point. Drinking or not, it wouldn’t look good if Dutchess had been intimate with Donna in Miami when Ceaser was back in New York, talking about going forward with their wedding plans. During the conversation between Donna and Allison, Ceaser looked as though he was having a revelation. Then he looked furious.

Donna asked her friend on Face Time, “It looked like she was having fun, right?” The girl confirmed, by saying right.

Allision apparently came into the room where Donna and Dutchess were for the show. “What’d I say. I said that I’m just going to watch,” she said.

By this time, in the conversation with Allison, Dutchess was fairly quiet and Ceaser was silent, but he looked like he was fuming inside.

Donna kept on telling Dutchess’s secrets. Namely that she had slept with Teddy’s cousin and OhSh_t, a tattoo artist in the shop and Ceaser’s friend. Dutchess denied doing anything with OHS#t. Donna wouldn’t stop dishing her allegations. She was on a mission to expose Dutchess, because she had been judgmental towards Donna.

Donna had a god point. Although her boyfriend was in jail, she was still wearing her ring, yet Dutchess conveniently lost her ring while in Miami, and was wearing it when she went back to the shop with Ceaser.

Noeem, one of the tattoo artists at Art2Ink introduced his girlfriend, Alexis to the people in the shop. They had been dating for three years and have a year-old daughter. Noeem had to learn sign language to enhance the communication with his girlfriend, because she is deaf. Sassy was thrilled to see the happy couple; Noeem and his girlfriend hugged and kissed each other often, during their time together in Art2Ink. “I approve of all of this,” Sassy said.


On the opposite end of happy was Ceaser, “I don’t know what to feel right now, he said. “All I know is that somebody has made a fool out of me in my own shop, and somebody’s lying to me.”

Dutchess reiterated that Donna had crossed the line and told Ceaser outright that he needs to get rid of her.

Ceaser was done talking about it for the moment, until his misgivings about her story took over, and he refused to accept her explanations. He asked her how would she feel if he was in the same situation, and she answered that she didn’t know how she would feel if Ceaser had received oral sex from someone while he was away in a hot city like Miami. This was the same woman who didn’t seem to forgive him for touching another woman as he was instructed to do, during a professional photoshoot.




Frustrated that Dutchess would never admit to any wrongdoing, Ceaser’s anger grew. He felt that he gave his heart to Dutchess, and she went behind his back and didn’t wear her engagement ring. Dutchess finally apologized, but Ceaser felt that her apology wasn’t sincere. He said that she only apologized because he was pissed. Dutchess was either crying or very close to crying. She told Ceaser that she had forgiven him time and time again and they should just close the situation.

“What can I do to fix it?” she asked.

“Nothing,” Ceaser answered.


Photo of Ceaser of the Black Ink Crew, courtesy of Viacom.