Allison Green and her sister Mellisa Green had been feeling uncomfortable in the >Bad Girls Club house.All of the loudness and ratchetness was getting on their nerves. Allison, in particular, was having issues with Jazmin and Jaimee in the Bad Girls Club 15 episode that aired at 8 p.m. on May 3, 2016 on Oxygen.

The episode began with a lot of partying. The girls went to the Playhouse Nighclub, where they turned up. Something incredibly unusual happened, however. Amber and Asia were dancing with the new Bad Girls members, Hanan and Suha Ibrahim and Jazmyn Wallace. This was simply too much for Allison to bear. For some reason, the fact that the girls that she didn’t like was dancing with her Bad Girls Club buddies, rubbed her the wrong way.

In the limo, Asia said that she was tired of fighting and she is not going to fight Jazmin and Jaimee anymore. The admission must have pushed Allison over the edge, because she stood up in the limo and started fighting them.

Melissa and Allison decided to go home, so they packed their things and left the next day. Angela had a fight with Hanan and Suha Ibrahim and threw a bottle, which hit one of them in the face. The Bad Girls Club producers decided that Angela had to go home, but Kristina was able to stay.

Kristina decided to stay so she could continue to get advice in the house from Life Coach, Laura. Her sister, Angela would be able to have sessions with Laura via Skype.

Kristina said she thought that it was in their best interest for her to stay in the house.

We want to be who we are and we can’t, Melissa said.
Once the dust cleared, all of the girls went to Secrets Restaurant and Hookah Lounge Jaimee and Jazmyn, really seemed to hit it off with Hanan and Suhan, ad the feeling was mutual.

Asia told the girls that they were all going to volunteer at the Shelter Partnership. The charity provides clothes and other goods to people who need help. The women packed clothes in boxes, so the clothes could be sent to other charities in the Los Angeles area.

To blow off some steam, they went go-carting at MB2 Race. They had not not been fighting and everyone was cordial, so they decided do go clubbing at the Dirty Bull. Now, Jazmyn and Jaimee were annoyed because the other girls twerked with Suhan and Hanan and didn’t criticize them. Whenever Jazmyn and Jaimee danced provocatively n the club, the other women insulted them.