Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

Should you book a hotel or go for a vacation rental for your next trip? Well, the good people at TripAdvisor conducted a survey among the site’s users and they discovered that about 49 percent of respondents are thinking about staying in a vacation rental instead of a hotel. It all comes down to price. The respondents felt that they could get a better deal if they choose to rent a villa, apartment or a vacation home rather than reserve a hotel.

More than half, 82 percent of the people who completed the survey said that they could find better deals at the last minute if they stay in a rental, and they also appreciate the larger living space that they could have in a vacation rental. The larger space works well for families and groups, and the people who answered the survey stated that they felt that vacation rentals are more family-friendly than hotels.

So what are travelers looking for when they stay in a vacation rental? They usually want their vacation rental include laundry facilities and kitchens.┬áTravelers said that they would be more apt to return to a vacation rental that offered a private beach a private pool, and a private deck. Interestingly about 7 percent of the respondents stated that they’d come back for a private chef.

Claudine Williams

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