The Black Ink Chicago crew made a trip to the Dominican Republic for Don Bromfield’s and Ashley Picken’s destination wedding on the hit reality TV show. Don invited the men to the DR for a bachelor party and an invite to the wedding, but Ryan decided to invite the female members of the cast too,  for a little bonding and fun in a mansion that was arranged for the trip. All went semi-sell. Ryan Henry got a little closer to his date, whom Charmaine had introduced him to during a trip to New Orleans (according to the show’s storyline).

Charmaine Walker decided to make the trip, although she and Don’s fiancee Ashley were not friends so much son that the two had a physical altercation. So, Don had a shock when he saw that Charmaine and the other women were in the Dominican Republic, because he was only expecting to have his male friends there or his bachelor’s party. The women showed their support for him (and his marriage) by hiring some female entertainers and Don promptly got himself into trouble by doing too much with at least one of them just days before his wedding. Would Ashley find out? Will the wedding go on or is she going to call the whole thing off?  Black Ink Chicago airs on VH1 on Mondays at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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The Black Ink Crew Cast was in the Dominican Republic for Season 2, Episode 9; Image by Ted Murphy, CC

Picture of the Black Crew Chicago cast, courtesy of VH1

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