The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Episode 2 Season 9, opened with Porsha Williams appearance at Kenya Moore’s  home for her housewarming. Kenya immediately  ushered her away from the rest of the girls and asked her to leave since she hadn’t extended an invitation to her. Porsha gracefully bowed out of the event, because she was trying to turn over a new leaf. Sheree followed behind them, soon after. On the way out, they saw Matt Jordan, whom Kenya had broken up with after the trip to Mexico. They hadn’t talked for about a month.

Matt apologized, saying that he did bad and he was really wrong. Kenya  was put off, because she thought that Matt was her protector.

I feel that you have to build that trust up. Even though Mat and I have problems, Mat is the man who truly loves me, who wants to do right by me. Those type of men are really hard to come by, and the thought of starting something new is pretty scary.

Kenya Moore

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At Cynthia’s house Noelle Robinson revealed that things had been weird between her mother and Peter, her stepfather. Noelle said that she seemed happier, and he had been hearing the arguments. Noelle asked her mother if she (Cynthia) had low self-esteem, because she continued to argue with Peter.

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Do you have low self-esteem?

Noelle Jordan

Noelle to her mother, Cynthia

At the Kandi Factory, Kandi Burruss and her team got together to develop a logo for her  baby son’s baby product line.  Todd showed off the poster for the Old Lady Gang restaurant, once Mama Joyce showed up. He gave the group an update on the construction for the new family restaurant, which wasn’t going to be completed by the August deadline.

They were supposed to be much further ahead of schedule than they were. The original deadline was in May, and then the deadlinewas pushed to August. Kandi brought up Kenya’s missed construction deadlines, and that prompted Mama Joyce to ask about Kenya’s housewarming party. Kandi mentioned that Phaedra Parks invited and Porsha was asked to leave, so Mama Joyce thought it was shady for Phaedra to invite Porsha (because Porsha and Kenya do not get along).

Todd showed off the restaurant’s construction site to Mama Joyce, Aunt Bertha, and Aunt Nora, who made it clear that she didn’t want to do much for the restaurant.

Kenya got together with Cynthia and Kandi at the Sweet Peach for waxing/sugaring at Sweet Peach. While there, Kenya revealed that Lena Chenier had been telling her that Sheree was speaking ill of her house.

The joke was that while her name is on her home, allegedly, Sheree’s mother name is listed as the owner of Sheree’s house. “All because she’s trying to dodge the IRS,” Kenya said.

Next Cynthia got together with Peter at Drip where they talked over their divorce. Cynthia urged him to call her attorney, but Peter said calling him wasn’t a priority in his life. He was sad because he felt that his marriage was really coming to an end. He thought he couldn’t even put her name down as a person to call if he had a medical emergency. Cynthia wanted them to remain friends. The conversation brought her to tears. Peter ended up making call to the attorney to continue the process for the divorce.

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The girls when to an event, Escape the Mystery Room. Porsha chose the event because she felt that they needed to do something that was super fun. They separated into pre-arranged teams. Porsha, Kenya, and Cynthia were in the Sherlock Holmes room. Sheree, Kandi, and Phaedra were in the Zombie room.

No one solved the mysteries, so no one won the challenges.

Kenya and Sheree went to talk, Kenya’s idea. Kenya confronted Sheree about what she’d heard from Lena. She brought up that Sheree had a laundry list of items that had to be fixed. Sheree went on to tell Kenya that she needed to fix her house up. It got ugly when Kenya said that no one was going to tell her what she needed to do to her house.

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